Top franchise buyer stories of 2021!

Wow Top Franchise Buyer Stories Of 2021

As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be interesting to take a look over all the content we created this year, to give you an insight into what was the most popular.

Who knows, you may have even missed some of these so shining a light back on them may spark something for you!

They are in no particular order of traffic volume as such, but the stats of these pages jumped out to show that they are clearly topics of significant interest in the franchise buyer market.

It’s also always interesting to see older content still performing very well with strong interest, even with new, fresh content appearing regularly.

A selection of some top content performers in 2021 on franchise buyer!

Fast food franchise disruption instantly opening 300 locations - powered by YouTube

A fascinating insight into how a YouTube sensation named 'MrBeast', was able to leverage his enormous and loyal fan base, to launch a virtual burger brand in over 300 locations all opening at the same time.

We know from industry feedback in particular, that this content piece was an eye-opener for many.

Read the article HERE

Video Thumb Opening 300 ‘Virtual’ Fast Food Franchises At The Same Time Powered By You Tube 2

Snap-on Tools - fully stocked truck tour

With a globally recognised brand operating for over 100 years, our detailed tour of what it is like inside one of Snap-on Tools' impressive trucks, has proven a valuable resource for many.

We had previously (and recently) done a tour with a truck that had no tools in it, so the opportunity to repeat it it while fully-stocked was not to be missed.

See the full video and detail HERE

Snap On Tools Complete Truck Tour On Franchise Buyer

UberEats is munching through the margins of food retail outlets with its extraordinary charges to tap into the service

This piece goes all the way back to 2017, but still gets significant interest on the site. The shift to food delivery services due to the pandemic has certainly put the spotlight on the varying service offers.

Read the article HERE

Uber Eats Munching Through The Margins On Franchise Buyer

The Barefoot investor gives his advice on buying an F45 franchise

Another piece dated way back in Nov 2017. The F45 Training launch on the New York Stock Exchange this year no doubt has given significant focus on information about the brand.

With the Barefoot Investor a trusted expert in the finance space, his general insights into the broader franchise business model especially, has been consistently of interest.

Read the article HERE

The Barefoot Investor Gives His Advice On Buying An F45 Franchise 600X600

How to handle landlords who won’t play fair

The topic of rent and how to handle it in covid was especially a hot topic in much of 2020. 

This year the topic was not quite as strong (but no less important), as it seems the varying policies and support to handle it were more developed than at the outset of the pandemic.

However, the topic still remained top of mind for many clearly.

Read the article HERE

How To Handle Landlords Who Wont Play Fair On Franchise Buyer

Baskin-Robbins Australia has a leadership change

This piece appearing mid year has maintained enough interest across 6 months to be of note amongst our content.

We feel it’s an indication that people looking to invest in a franchise are looking for greater detail on who the people are that they are relying on to lead the business they invest in.

We’d expect and always suggest greater transparency around the professionals within a franchise business.

Read the article HERE

Silly Solly’s Brand Showcase

Anything about this brand creates a lot of interest, and always has.

They are very good at generating buzz in regions when they open stores and regularly having local news crews filming on location during openings.

See their Showcase HERE

Silly Sollys Showcase On Franchise Buyer

The 10 biggest fast food franchises in the Australian market

One of our list series to help people looking for information in their research on franchise opportunities.

An often lack of transparent information in our view, drives interest in these lists and the information and insights we give.

Interest in fast food franchises remains strong. And an interest particularly in a shift from food court based businesses is clearly apparent.

Read the article HERE

The 10 Biggest Fast Food Franchises In The Australian Market On Franchise Buyer

The 10 biggest gym franchises in the Australian market

Another in our list series helping research franchise opportunities.

There is tremendous interest in gym opportunities, this is despite an often heard external observation, wondering how much differentiation is possible to make even more opportunities viable.

Those in the niche, and those wanting to enter it, seem to understand their space and the gaps.

In this popular piece of content, our desire was to try to put some order to the competitive space for prospect research.

Read the article HERE

The Biggest Gym Franchises In The Australian Market

City Cave Brand Showcase

This brand has been kicking some serious goals, and has arguably developed the strongest growth momentum of any franchise brand in the market.

Their last 12-18 months in expansion has been quite remarkable given the circumstances we all found ourselves in. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that this brand generates a lot of interest.

See their Showcase HERE

City Cave Float Therapy Showcase On Franchise Buyer