Baskin-Robbins Australia has a leadership change

Ben Flintoff Gm Baskin Robbins Australia On Franchise Buyer

Ben Flintoff, GM Baskin-Robbins Australia departs the role on 2 July 21.

A veteran of the Australian QSR landscape, having been a franchise owner, turned award winning senior franchise executive, Ben leaves the business for differing reasons than you might expect.

“At the start of 2021 my family invested in a business focused on renewable energy solutions for the large scale property sector. I feel that work being done is important for different reasons and I’ve decided to commit fully to that business. 

How lucky are we that we are the ones that get to solve this? In 100 years, people are going to wish they could solve a problem this big.”

Ben’s exit has not been sudden, and has been in careful planning for some time (several months), and his successor is well-versed in the operation.

“But there is also another satisfying aspect to this move. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people, franchise owners, and executives in the sector, and I am so pleased to announce that Julian Casa, National Marketing Manager, Baskin-Robbins, will be taking over from me as GM.”

Julian Casa Baskin Robbins On Franchise Buyer

Ben joined the business as a State Operations Manager in 2011. “In fact, Julian and I joined the business on exactly the same day!”, says Ben.

Moving through the business to National Operations Manager in 2014, before securing the GM role in mid 2016, Ben has spent 10 years all up with the Baskin-Robbins business. 

“We inherited a business that was essentially broken with no systems or processes at the start, and a poor record of profitability for franchise partners. And now I’m leaving a business with a profitable network, and in the hands of a leader in Julian, who is an award winning marketer himself, and with a team that has proven its ability to deliver for our franchise partners.”

“I have total confidence in the future of the business for all stakeholders.”

We wish Ben well in his future endeavours, and are sorry to see such a talented, integrity-based leader leave the sector.