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We help franchise brands to grow...all through our targeted opportunity seeker database of buyers. 

Don't believe us? Brands we've worked with say;

N-Hance (timber floor restoration), Darren Leaney, "UPDATE as at 1 Nov 2017 - 70% of new franchisees have come from a direct result of email marketing with Franchise Buyer, and, of course, we have just booked our next campaign to run into 2018!"

Xpresso Mobile Cafe, Jonathan Payne, "The lead generation campaigns using email marketing by Franchise Buyer are undoubtedly the best-performing EDMs in the franchise recruitment marketplace. Having it as one part of our recruitment mix has been a no-brainer for us over several years. We've always worked close with Glenn and the team, I'm even happy to take a call and talk about our experiences if you want!"

Lava Coffee, John Stanton, - "...I had no hesitation in engaging Franchise Buyer straight away as a core brand builder and lead gen platform, and we've converted 2 prospects into franchise sales and currently have another 2 more buyers with deposits down that all came from Franchise Buyer. Of course we've renewed our campaign the following year."

World Options, Malcolm Rees, - "We came on board with Franchise Buyer only a couple of months ago. Our core focus was on lead generation via EDMs. By half way through our campaign we've already sold one franchise from it, generated a strong volume of leads, as well as having multiple of these candidates still progressing deep into our recruitment process. Additionally, the consulting insights from Glenn around the most effective messaging and strategies to resonate with the franchise prospect market have been spot on."

Greg Prussia, First Class Capital, - "We did an email blast with an alternate ‘supposed’ leading franchise marketing platform previously, which generated us just 6 leads. Franchise Buyer took a new approach and generated in excess of 50 leads. As far as the overall result is concerned, in just a three month period we brought on nine new franchisee/channel partners into our business. A truly amazing result."

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