The 10 biggest fast food franchises in the Australian market

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20, 30 and 40+ years of growth will get you a long way in any market. That's what we see in the vast majority of cases in this fast food list.

BUT, new fresh concepts are surging into the space in number.

Long-established fast food chains are always going to be difficult to get anywhere near them in terms of unit numbers across the country. In the vast majority of cases, we're talking about big brands that are this big due to decades of growth in the market compounding.

Yet, as we are seeing now in some instances, this multiple decade market presence, can come with it's own unique challenges to 2020 and beyond. Ageing store networks in need of substantial refurbishment and investment, becomes a significantly bigger issue when talking hundreds of locations requiring it.

All the while, new food competitors and concepts hit the market investing in new locations and more modern menu offerings. Yet, these have certainly not withstood the test of time in the market.

Brand movements up and down the list for 2023!

While the statement that it is ‘difficult to get anywhere near’ the long-established brands in the Australian market rings true, we have still seen what could be considered significant changes in this list over the period of around 18-24 months.

We’ve seen some potential ‘rationalisation’ of outlets amongst the biggest brands in the market with location numbers dropping. This could not be considered all that surprising in smaller numbers with the pandemic impact across the period 2021 to mid 2022 causing mass disruption, but significant here I believe is in leasing and commercial property negotiations and climate.

I’ve also seen first hand in my own travels what I made reference to in the previous list published in late 2020, that the older in the list were in a position where reinvestment back into their ageing restaurants in many cases were required. I have seen many instances of refurbishment being undertaken in locations that have been in place for decades, yet with some work still to be done. 

Some of the timeframes on substantial refit have arguably been long overdue, and perhaps that is part of the reason for the decline in some brands and the emergence of new fresh concepts in significant numbers.

Note: For some below, if we did not see much change at all in the brand marketing or information on how it positions itself towards the franchise opportunity seeker, we did not make extensive (or any) updated comment in their brand summary. 

The biggest movers in the list

Guzman surges ahead

Guzman Y Gomez stands out to me as the most significant mover upwards and into the list.

They did not even appear on the list last time in late Oct 2020, and at that time had around 132+ locations. But they did appear in our The 10 Biggest Mexican Food in the Australian Market list at the time.

It’s basically crashed into the list through the sheer weight of store openings in rapid succession.

The brand has been on an absolute store opening blitz across the last 18 months, fuelled by what appears to be a growing desire for fresh Mexican food. In brand power, it has without doubt, positioned itself as the ‘go-to’ offering in the market for the niche.

In a lesson for any franchise brand, you can plainly see just how much emphasis, effort (and investment) the brand places on telling its story as loud as possible. The coverage and promotion of each one of its openings is a lesson and warning bell at the same time to other brands about what it is going to take to compete into the future - ignore the precedence at your peril.

Nandos drops out in a big way

Nandos stands out as the most significant mover backwards on the list. 

Placing 7th on the previous list with 270 locations in Australia as at Oct 2020, June 2022 saw the brand drop out of the list entirely to 12th place in the market with 147 locations. The brand's troubles in Australia have been reported with issues around the renewal of franchise agreements and claims of costly refurbishments being linked to agreement renewals (a practice that is for the most part, quite common practice).

Sadly, this quite astonishing location number drop, with little doubt, points to many franchise partners losing significant assets and income.

Specifics aside, this issue links to the key point made above about the challenge of older brands to revitalise their locations and broader network to compete with new, more on-trend competitors. If brands stall on this, or mishandle the process when times are relatively good, as competition heats up and market share slides, the problem only becomes worse.

With Nandos reportedly balancing a franchise and company-owned network strategy, and this issue playing out over a number of years, the future looks challenging for the brand and its franchise partners.

We created this list to help make your research and decision making process easier. We'll update as the market changes, and as we get more information for you.

1. Subway - 1,227 locations (AU) (Sept 22)

Compared to 1,300+ as at Oct 2020

DOWN 73 locations (previously in 1st place)

The brand and its franchise owners have invested heavily in the refresh of its presence in the market. This continues to be an ongoing process across a large network of stores. Arguably the brand has suffered from its long track record of growth success prior to increased competition and palate changes, with store numbers receding in recent years. Reports indicate the brand had some 1,400+ units in 2015.

The brand has had to address a perception of it being out-shined by many newer, on-trend food concepts.

A menu and brand refresh has the potential to attract and hold the next generation of consumers to the brand.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

I covered thoughts on the drop in location numbers in Australia by Subway in an article in March 2022, Has Subway really closed 200+ stores in Australia? Here's the real reason why.

The process of expressing interest and finding out information about investing in a Subway franchise is too US-centric and feels impersonal. 

As an example, when selecting your region upon looking for information on owning a franchise, the information looks quite generic and not specific at all to the local market. There is some attempt with a small handful of very short pieces of content on local franchise owners (which is better than none at all of course). 

This issue is further seen when clicking to download financial information and the brochure provided is in US dollars and is referring to Asia / Latin America and Middle East. On the surface, it just lacks a strong enough connection to the local market and the local franchisee, which could become and increasing factor in the face of on-trend, home-grown competing food options which are much more tailored.

  • CEO = Shane Bracken (Country Director (CEO) Australia & New Zealand)
  • Headquarters located = Brisbane, QLD
  • Franchising Since = 1974
  • Investment = $195k to $360k AUD (ex GST)
  • Initial Franchise fee = $10k - $15k USD
  • Ongoing Fees = Advertising fee: 4.5% Royalty: 8% of overall sales
  • Training = 2 week training program

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • facebook = 22.7m (global page) followers | 23K (global page) followers 
  • Instagram = 25.5k followers | 20.6K followers
  • Twitter = 9,617 followers | 9,357 followers
  • LinkedIn = 2,193 followers | 701 followers

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2. McDonald's - 970+ locations (AU) (Sept 22)

Compared to 1,000+ as at Oct 2020

DOWN 30 locations (approx) (previously in 2nd place)

After hitting the Australian market in the early 70's, McDonald's has been a staple in the market since. For so long, its burgers mainly competed with Hungry Jacks and the corner milk bar burger. With the explosion in local specialty burger chains, arguably the global giant 'blinked' more recently with the Create your taste, hand crafted burger range, which has been withdrawn. 

Adding the McCafe concept to the business has significantly increased the ability of the business to attract a broader custom beyond its traditional 'fast food' base.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

McDonald's does not shy away from what they say it takes to become one of their franchisees.

Amongst some of the listed requirements are; to commit full-time and unpaid to a 12 month training program, you're open to the challenge of relocating to a remote town anywhere within Australia, you're looking to make a 20 year commitment, and McDonald's would be your only business nor will you work anywhere else.

They ask for your CV and a cover letter explaining why you think you'd be a great partner.

They do it like nobody else, that is for certain...

Unfortunately, the issue of wage scandals (right or wrong) has felt like a fairly consistent presence across the period.

  • CEO = Antoni Martinez, CEO
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1971 (first in Australia)
  • Investment = $1.5mil+ (approx) 
  • Initial Franchise fee = $60,000
  • Ongoing Fees = 4% advertising fee & 5% royalty fee & monthly rental fixed base+
  • Training = 12 months (min) (full-time, unpaid)

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • facebook = 81.8m (global) followers | 80,591,352 (global) followers
  • Instagram = 178k followers | 159K followers
  • Twitter = 37.5k followers | 32.5k followers
  • LinkedIn = 1,771,609 (global) followers | 1,230,277 (global) followers

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3. Dominos - 716 locations (AU) (Sept 22)

Compared to 694 locations (AU) as at Oct 2020

UP 22 locations (previously in 3rd place)

The Australian Domino's master franchisor also holds the rights and operates the brand in international markets through Asia, and European countries with 2,600+ total locations. With franchise owners in the group currently averaging 2.2 stores, growth through internal candidates features prominently.

The brand has been extending its menu to appeal to a broader consumer market just beyond pizza, but also giving it the ability to increase its average transaction value.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

The brand appeared to adopt a significant change in its growth plans across this period. Growth was achieved prior with a focus on bringing in new franchise owners into the business, yet this shifted at some point across the period since the last list in late 2020 with a focus on turning existing owners into multi-store owners.

We covered this at the time in Why it just got a lot harder to buy a Domino's franchise business.

The brand still demonstrates a strong emphasis on this with its franchise recruitment page featuring images of two multi-unit operators and the headline 'Build Your Pizza Empire'.

It is unclear if growth of 22 locations across those 2 years is indicative of success or otherwise in this strategy in the Australian market. Another way to look at it is that when you have 700 odd locations in the Australian market, picking off the last set of locations is not always as fast as the growth of early broad location opportunities.

Long renowned for innovation, the brand has been active in looking for other ways to grow its market presence. An example is its effort to fill-in gaps with the potential of shipping container housed stores in some post codes.

In a huge tick for transparency, Dominos openly links its Franchise Disclosure Document on its website for all to download. I am yet to see that on any other franchisor website I've come across...

  • CEO = Don Meij (DPE Group) / David Burness, CEO Australia / NZ
  • Headquarters located = Hamilton, QLD
  • Franchising Since = 1983
  • Investment = $450k - $600k
  • Initial Franchise fee = $60k
  • Ongoing Fees = 6% marketing fee & 7% royalties
  • Training = 12 weeks

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 1,152,756 followers | 1,138,301 followers
  • Instagram = 116k followers | 101k followers
  • Twitter = 36.3k followers | 36.9k followers
  • LinkedIn = 29,559 followers | 19,878 followers

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4. KFC - 712 locations (Sept 22)

Compared to 680+ locations (AU) as at Oct 2020

UP 32 locations (previously in 4th place)

KFC is a subsidiary of YUM! Brands, with 24,000 KFC restaurants globally. YUM! operates the KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Habit Burger.

While KFC Australia owns and operates 50 restaurants across the country, the business is characterised in Australia with having groups of franchise owners with large blocks of restaurant numbers in regions. 

At face value, broadly, many of the locations appear tired and in need of refresh and revitalisation investment.

The brand has been effective in marketing campaigns at a national level, being highly active and visible with major sporting code promotions over an extended period, giving it arguably, a disproportionally high profile. In saying that, it can't be said that the brand is aggressive and highly innovative in stretching its menu range across the years.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

In looking at the KFC website there appears no appetite for new franchise partners as there is no reference or any link to information about investing in the business. 

  • CEO = Sabir Sami, CEO KFC Global | Richard Wallis, Managing Director KFC Australia
  • Headquarters located = Frenchs Forest, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1968 (first Australian restaurant)
  • Investment = $1,309,900 (approx)
  • Initial Franchise fee = TBA
  • Ongoing Fees = Advertising fee: 5% of Gross Revenues | Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Revenues
  • Training = TBA

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 58,336,479 (global) followers | 55.8M (global) followers
  • Instagram = 182k followers | 163K followers
  • Twitter = 30.9k followers | 29.4K followers
  • LinkedIn = 207,895 (global YUM) followers | 161,628 (global YUM) followers

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5. Hungry Jacks - 445 locations 

Compared to 420+ locations as at Oct 2020

UP 25 locations (approx) (previously in 5th place)

Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King in the USA), has been a permanent presence in the Australian market basically since the arrival of McDonald's. 

The brand has a high proportion of company owned and run outlets, with a lower % of stores owned and operated by franchise partners.

At face value, broadly, many of the locations appear tired and in need of refresh and revitalisation investment.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

Hungry Jacks is the first in this current 10 Biggest Fast Food list that has not had a change of CEO in the period covering the previous list till now. 

Very little seems to have changed in the brands presentation to the market, and from observation, this seems to be the same at store level. The locations do still appear as tired and in need if refresh.

There is very little information on the surface about becoming a Hungry Jacks franchise owner, other than 6 point short statements on some basic requirements, and to make contact if you fit them.

  • CEO = Chris Green
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1971
  • Investment = $2.6mil (approx) 
  • Initial Franchise fee = TBA
  • Ongoing Fees = TBA
  • Training = TBA

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 659,824 followers | 663,733 followers
  • Instagram = 69k followers | 63.3K followers
  • Twitter = 13k followers | 11.8k followers
  • LinkedIn = 20,593 followers | 15,719 followers

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6. Red Rooster - 335 locations (Au)

Compared to 360 locations as at Oct 2020

DOWN 25 locations (previously in 6th place)

Owned by multi-brand operator, Craveable brands, which also runs Oporto and Chicken Treat. Another brand in this fast food niche that appear to have a significant portion of aged locations in need of refresh and re-investment. 

This looks to be a crucial next phase of the brands life cycle. Having trouble with its place in the market over recent years with fresher, on-trend food competitors pouring into the market and no-doubt taking market share from it, Red Rooster has signalled a clear intent and plan to take action.

This is clear from the brands' website; “In 2020 and beyond Red Rooster will be transforming... from modernising the restaurant design, to improving technology in restaurant as well as customer interfaces, to food innovation including new burgers, new snacks and diversifying our chicken offering.

Kudos to the brand for clearly acknowledging the issue, and acting bolder than many other established food brands who we've seen decline over recent years. Now for the delivery on the plan for all stakeholders.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

In looking over the Red Rooster franchise information pages, it reads like they have put a lot of work and effort into key elements of the brand transformation strategy that they referred to in 2020 and beyond, and in particular, the way they want to be perceived as a franchisor.

With 9 videos to scroll through on the franchising page, this is a strong supporting content strategy to the franchise offer. 

There is quite a bit of content about what the business plans to do into the future, albeit with quite a lot of motherhood type statements about it. It says a lot, without really saying a lot, however, credit to the brand for putting what is akin to a manifesto on how they intend to work with and support you in your business.

In reading between the lines out of some of the statements, it just feels to me that the pandemic really stopped the momentum in the brand transformation plans.

  • CEO = Clint Ault
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1979
  • Investment = $350k - $900k (depends on store type)
  • Initial Franchise fee = $50k
  • Ongoing Fees = Marketing fund: 6% weekly sales | Royalty fee: 5% weekly sales
  • Training = 10 week (with an initial training fee of $12,500 + GST)

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 285k followers | 282K followers
  • Instagram = 23k followers | 17K followers
  • Twitter = N/A | 1,374 followers
  • LinkedIn = 7,742 followers | 6,322 followers

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7. Pizza Hut - 270+ locations (as at Sept 22) 

Compared to 254 locations as at Oct 2020

UP 16 locations and (previously in 8th place)

The master franchisee licence for the brand was purchased by Allegro private equity from Yum! Brands in late 2016. It has also purchased the remaining Eagle Boys locations (127) in 2016. By appearances, the brand has slowed new franchise development with the brand withdrawn as a corporate presence from the vast majority of recognised franchise growth platforms.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

This has been a significant period of growth and transformation for the Pizza Hut brand in Australia. A key point always in focus from the brand is one on digital innovation, in that a 'digital revolution' is what is driving their growth.

Not a month goes by without the brand announcing to the market that it has had another month of sales growth across its network. CEO Phil Reed has openly stated in mainstream and trade media the focus to grow franchisee profitability first in order to grow the network. 

The brand released numbers very recently stating that they have had '42 consecutive months of sales growth, and 54% annual sales growth in the average store compared to 3 years ago.'

The brand is now in a position of chasing growth with presence across many franchise opportunity platforms and strong presence at the national franchising expo series.

In a key difference to many brands in this list, Pizza Hut offers a longer 10 year franchise agreement, where 5 years is often most common.

  • CEO = Phil Reed
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1970 (entered Australia)
  • Investment = from $400k - $450k
  • Initial Franchise fee = Varies
  • Ongoing Fees = 5.5% marketing fee & 6% royalties
  • Training = 8 weeks

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 32,654,575 followers (global) | 32,042,390 followers (global)
  • Instagram = 17.1k followers | 11.9k followers
  • Twitter = 5,046 followers | 4,461 followers
  • LinkedIn = 1,892 followers | 772 followers

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8. Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria - 208 locations (as at Sept 22)

Compared to 132+ locations (Au) as at Oct 2020

UP 76 locations (approx) (not previously ranked in list)

Arguably the biggest mover in franchising over the course of the last year in profile and market awareness. With no disrespect intended at all, GYG deliberately talk a very big game.

They are clearly working hard to position themselves to be the next big fast casual / food player in the Australian market. Their masterful PR and marketing approaches see it often being referred to in the broader media in the same sentence as McDonald's in franchising - yet GYG has 132 odd locations v McDonald's 900+. They even loaded the board with ex-McDonald's executives!

With a strong stand alone, drive thru focus, mostly removing it from major shopping centre, food court type leasing issues of many food competitors, the brand is investing with franchise partners in the long term. As recent as 2018, $44mil in investment firm funding, then a now suspended drive into the US market, the brand is firming itself up by all reports for ASX listing in 2021.

Founder & CEO Steven Marks is the passionate face of the business leading it forward, and this commitment to be out front as franchisor is to be commended. The key question for would-be franchise partners I believe is, is the balance of the voracious appetite for growth an overwhelming positive, or will it pose potential challenges at an individual location / franchisee level?

One of the best, and most informative food franchise websites I've seen as a consumer.

Internationally, expanding into USA, Singapore, and Japan.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

As the mover of note in this list, the brand was mentioned in detail above.

The brand has maintained and built on its excellent digital information presence for potential franchise partners. The thorough franchise information brochure is able to be downloaded without providing any contact details, which is another tick for transparency.

It will be interesting to see how much focus the brand continues to have in the US market. At a point just prior to the pandemic, they referenced the desire for extensive growth in that market - this chat has quietened down somewhat.

In May 2022, Magellan Financial Group sold its shares in the business valuing the brand at $1.2Billion. 

The number for how many locations the brand believes it is aiming for in the Australian market changes. At one time the number was 500 (which I thought was excessive), and then more recently I had seen that increase to a target of 600 locations - which seems well far-fetched to me. However, when there is ASX listing chatter around the brand, mega potential numbers always sounds great.

The biggest threat at present to this brand it seems is ill-conceived growth in an effort to maintain its amazing trajectory.

  • CEO = Steven Marks
  • Headquarters located = Surry Hills, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2010
  • Investment = $576,500 to $1,376,500
  • Initial Franchise fee = $60k
  • Ongoing Fees = 3-4% marketing levy & 8% royalties
  • Training = 12 weeks

Social Media Presence 

  • facebook = 255k followers | 251.2k followers
  • Instagram = 58.3k followers | 47.6k followers
  • Twitter = 1,155 followers | 847 followers
  • LinkedIn = 18,625 followers | 10,800 followers

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9. Zambrero - 206 (AU) locations (as at Sept 22)

Compared to 181 locations (Au) as at Oct 2020

UP 25 locations (previously in 9th place)

Quite an amazing story, founded by Dr Sam Prince in Canberra in 2005 while a university student. The brand achieved surprising growth over an extended period across 2013 - 2017 or thereabout's, when other Mexican brands trying to push into the market were seemingly unable to match them for whatever reason, which remains unclear.

It has clearly positioned its brand persona around 'helping to end world hunger' with its Plate 4 Plate initiative, and this has been a key pillar of their customer and franchisee related marketing. This initiative is to be highly commended.

The question with the brand into the future, is one around its ability to attract and retain its customer share of market, with competition increasing rapidly in Mexican offerings in particular, into the Australian market. 

Multi-restaurant ownership is encouraged in the network.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

Zambrero has continued to grow through the period of the last list to this one. My expectation was that other Mexican offerings were going to impinge more significantly into its market share and growth. 

The franchising information page has a video welcome from the business founder, Dr Sam Prince. It is the only brand in the list with a video message from the founder, which I think has an impact on people looking to leaders of the business they are considering investing in. 

Of significance is the strong emphasis in the video on the Plate 4 Plate initiative and the mission to combat world hunger, and less on the business investment or support attributes.

  • CEO = Matthew Kenny
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2009
  • Investment = $400k to $650k
  • Initial Franchise fee = $30k
  • Ongoing Fees = Marketing/Advertising: 3% of gross | Royalty: 7% of gross
  • Training = 4 weeks

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 201,790 followers | 201K followers
  • Instagram = 28.2k followers | 24.6K followers
  • Twitter = 1,704 followers | 1,705 followers
  • LinkedIn = 6,505 (global) followers | 4,587 (global) followers

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10. Oporto - 176 locations (as at Sept 22)

Compared to 172 locations as at Oct 2020

UP 4 locations (previously in 10th place)

Owned by multi-brand operator, Craveable Brands, which also operates the Red Rooster and Chicken Treat brands. 

With the vast majority of stores located in NSW, the brand is focusing on growth in the QLD, VIC and WA markets in 2020. The brand has also had expansion into Singapore and Sri Lanka recently as well.  

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

As a brand in the Craveable Brands stable along with Red Rooster above, the franchising information level and style is similar. However, again the brand has an extensive set of video messaging from the support team and existing franchisees which is informative.

I recall a handful of years ago seeing a real surge of content into the market about becoming part of Craveable brands. I see on the Craveable Brands website, there has been no new article / information content on the Oporto brand since May 2021.

Again, same as per my insight with Red Rooster, it just feels by looking over the content and information, that the brands expansion plans and initiatives lost some momentum across the 2 year pandemic period from Oct 20 to Sept 22.

  • CEO = Samantha Bragg
  • Headquarters located = Chatswood, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1986 (brand started)
  • Investment = $450k - $900k (depending on drive thru, store, food court)
  • Initial Franchise fee = $50,000
  • Ongoing Fees = 4-6% advertising fee & 6% royalties
  • Training = 10-12 weeks

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 145,401 followers | 144,176 followers
  • Instagram = 17.4k followers | 13.7K followers
  • Twitter = 2.5k followers | 2,475 followers
  • LinkedIn = 3,624 followers | 2,365 followers

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11. Grill'd Healthy Burgers - 152 location (As at Sept 22)

Compared to 136 locations as at Oct 2020 

 UP 16 locations (not previously ranked in list)

Launched in 2004, the brand has always positioned itself heavily as 'the healthy burger' option in comparison to the burger competition. 

Interestingly, this is another brand with a high ratio of corporate run stores, and this number of appears to be growing with the % of franchise owned locations shrinking. The founder, Simon Crowe remains MD in the business.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

The brand has maintained steady growth across the period, in a time where the burger market is being populated with many new comers. Staying true to their 'healthy burger' alternative positioning, and resisting the temptation to chase trends and add extensive non-core items to their menu, you'd think gives them a strong sustainable foundation for the future.

Unfortunately, the issue of wage scandals (right or wrong) has felt like a fairly consistent presence across the period. 

Also, and they are not alone in this, as many brands are not very transparent at times about fees. But, it is frustrating to see an FAQ on a brands franchising page that includes the question 'What about ongoing fees?', where the answer is effectively, 'yes, there is a royalty payable...' - without stating what it is.

  • CEO = Adam Stapleton and Simon Crowe (MD)
  • Headquarters located = Melbourne, VIC
  • Franchising Since = 2004 (first opening)
  • Investment = $555,590 to $885,700
  • Initial Franchise fee = included in investment cost
  • Ongoing Fees = TBC
  • Training = TBC

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • facebook = 172, 429 followers |169,406 followers
  • Instagram = 55.9k followers | 48.7K followers
  • Twitter = 15.2k followers |15.8k followers
  • LinkedIn = 11,721 (global) followers

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12. Nando's - 147 (AU) locations (as at Sept 22)

Compared to 270 (AU) locations as at Oct 2020 

DOWN 123 locations (previously in 10th place)

Founded in South Africa in 1987, the brand sells franchises only there and in Australia, yet operates in 35 countries.

The brand was highly visible and very strong in on-going growth and market presence several years ago in Australia, yet has a had a period of significant decline over recent years. Operates a self-proclaimed 'blended franchise and company owned store model.'.

Unfortunately, the company has featured extensively in reports over recent years centred around issues of store refurbishment costs and closures. The refurbishment works would seem crucial in order to position the brand for the future competitive fast food / casual dining consumer market.

Additional Insights in Sept 2022

As mentioned in detail at the top of this page, Nando's has had a very difficult 2 year period. As seen in media reports, the period leading up the pandemic was also plagued with issues, as was mentioned in the Oct 2020 summary.

By looking over their digital presence, there is very little mention of franchising. The global page refers to franchising only in Australia and South Africa, and sends you back to the country page, where there appears no mention of franchising opportunities. 

  • CEO = Amanda Banfield
  • Headquarters located = Abbotsford, VIC
  • Franchising Since = 1990 (AU)
  • Investment = $950k to $1mil (approx.) 
  • Initial Franchise fee = $48,500
  • Ongoing Fees = 4.5% advertising fee | 8% royalties (varies per state/region)
  • Training = 12 weeks

Social Media Presence 

(First number is Sept 2022, second number is Oct 2020)

  • Facebook = 4.6m (global) followers | 4.5M (global) followers
  • Instagram = 54.2k followers | 44.7K followers
  • Twitter = 14.7k followers | 15K followers
  • LinkedIn = 11,354 followers | 8,413 followers

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Note: And of course, please contact the brands direct for the most up to date information, as while we've done our best to be as accurate as possible, we know some of this information can be a moving target at times unfortunately!