This is a game-changer. A rating system for franchise brands

At franchise buyer, we think this initiative is vital to forging a solid path forward for everyone involved in franchising.

Introduction to Franchise Rating

This is great news if you are looking to invest in a franchise – you finally have a way to measure.

It’s even great news if you are currently IN a franchise – it’s a measure where your success and satisfaction is part of the equation! It’s also great news for so many good franchise brands who are equally frustrated when other franchise companies don’t do the right thing. As a result, everyone gets tarred with the same brush.

We all get lots of ‘press releases’ here at franchise buyer by all sorts of companies and people. A short while ago, one really stood out for me from Darryn McAuliffe of FRANdata – it was about a Franchise Rating Scale that he was trying to get attention and momentum behind it.

This displays a serious and dedicated effort by people within the franchise sector to raise standards and be proactive in response to the challenges faced over recent years.

Darryn McAuliffe describes the strong track record the company has in rating franchises.

“...we supply the methodology that the US FORBES publication uses to compile its annual best and worst franchise list. FRANdata has created the three tiered recognition system required to participate in the USVetFran program, and we built the Franchise Underwriting (FUND) score model relied upon by the US franchise lending community. In short, we know what we’re doing, and we have a track record doing it.”

The 7 Measuring Criteria Explained 

As the founder of a franchise buyer media publication and business, I’m passionate about the rating system because, in particular, it goes a long way to greater transparency, and helps investors to compare one brand to another.

Ultimately, if widely adopted, it should in theory make it pretty hard to be a poor-performing franchise company in Australia – because people will be able to see it. If you’re a brand and you aren’t rated, people will ask ‘why not?’. And if you are rated and displaying it, this will position the brand as far more transparent than the rest, all the while finally giving potential investors a measure to compare brands.

And, in my view, all of the above makes for a far better scene in which to consider investing in a franchise business. 

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