They’ll ask ‘How did you support your franchisees during covid’?

They’Ll Ask ‘ How Did You Support Your Franchisees In The Covid Crisis’ 780X660Px

I know that right now, it’s hard to think past this afternoon, let alone next month or next year.

But, we know we will emerge from the crisis. 

In getting through it, not only is it your obligation, but it obviously makes both human and commercial sense to stick close to and support your franchise partners. No doubt that’s your focus right now.

Dare I mention it atm, but you should also be having an eye on your recovery and growth out of it. And I note that, depending on your category, some brands are continuing selling and training new franchises throughout. 

Some categories are not only unaffected, but will be growing right now - and so you should if you can.

The million $ question

I guarantee that one of the key questions you are going to be asked when you start to sell franchises again will be “Can you describe how you helped and supported your franchisees through the covid crisis?”

What you are doing right now as a matter of course and necessity, can be a key plank to your emergent success from this.

And, let’s be clear, it is not only about fee relief. A focus only on deferrals and fee relief as the key solution is selling the operational and marketing challenges short. This of course, depends on your category and your network specific circumstances.

Strategic and operational support measures can often be just as impressive as they demonstrate the depth of skills and specialist support that as a head office, you can bring to your network.

Keep your focus on support strategies, but I’d also suggest doing the following;

  • Note the initiatives you do,
  • Write down the specifics,
  • Keep a dialogue open with franchise media outlets in particular so they know what you are up to,
  • Create some short videos on what you’re doing,
  • Post on social what you are doing to support franchisees and customers.

We’re happy to help where we can, as I’m sure every other media platform in our tight sector is too. 

Contact me, if we can assist in any way.

Doing all this will also help the entire franchise sector.

Showing the power and community benefits of being a part of a franchise network, are THE key building blocks to the sector as a whole being a lead emerger from this crisis.