Own a Business in Marketing Material Delivery with Huge Existing Contracts in Place

Letterbox marketing delivery business, APA Flyer Distribution, is in fast growth mode according to Managing Director Bob Bajaj with a focus just for now on franchises in NSW only.

Own A Business1

“We help businesses of any size to grow their customer base by using the proven method of delivering marketing ‘flyers’ to letterboxes. Letterbox marketing campaigns produce a great return on investment for even the tightest of marketing spends.”

Mr Bajaj is passionate about the role that the ‘traditional’ marketing medium is going to play in the future, and thus the business opportunity it presents for others.

“Direct mail is so much more impactful than email marketing for example. It puts an offer right in people’s hands, and with our advanced tracking technology, one of our big points of difference is that we can guarantee delivery.

Offer based letterbox drop marketing should at least be one part of any business’ marketing strategy.”

Council Contracts in Place  for Sydney and Central Coast

Mr Bajaj reports that APA has been successful in securing major contracts to provide substantial work immediately to new APA Flyer Distribution franchise owners in Sydney and the Central Coast.

“We have only 7 territories remaining in the Sydney and Central Coast areas. Due to the professionalism, reputation and success of our systems and our ability to deliver consistently, we have been awarded the contracts for letterbox delivery requirements for 16 Councils across this region. We’ve built this reputation up over many years.

As a result, we are looking to have new franchise owners on the ground to help us to keep our high standards up – and this all means a great business opportunity for the right people coming into this business at exactly the right time.”

Mr Bajaj continues, “We are committed to getting this done to continue our growth, so we have reduced the investment price of these territories down from $35k to $20k until end December 16 to ensure we achieve our goals. Being the biggest provider in our industry of this service to such major contracts in NSW for local councils and major infrastructure projects is a huge vote of confidence in us and the need for our services.”

The reason APA win large contracts according to Mr Bajaj is that their “…end-to-end service provision sees us able to design, print and deliver massive volume and reach of marketing and messaging collateral.”

According to Mr Bajaj, the business is best suited to people who enjoy being outdoors, a natural leader of teams and people, “…everything else we can train you in.