Get Back to Base Zero and Climb into a New Lifestyle

The Base Zero support office are known as event acquisition and retention specialists. With all the events having a locked in hire rate, clients pay a deposit to reserve the rock wall for their event, helping to bring peace of mind to new and existing franchisees.

Lifestyle with a purpose

There’s one word which sums up the Base Zero franchise model. FUN. Described as “lifestyle with a purpose”, Director Wade Morse has a clear focus on “bringing active healthy people that desire to be their own boss, enjoy an unhurried life, and own a business that develops confident resilient kids” into the Base Zero family. Currently recruiting in the Sydney market, Franchise Buyer magazine caught up with sub-contractors Joanne and Agung – a husband and wife team – to find out what a day in the life of a Base Zero operator is like. 

“My husband has been working as a contractor on the sales and marketing side of things. Communication has been great and he has enjoyed working for Base Zero since June last year”. For Joanne, the biggest thing is, “it’s a fun job to combine working with children and rock climbing. It’s a great opportunity for people looking for a rewarding role”. 

While she confirms bookings, liaises with customers and double checks additional information – the support office gives notice of bookings three weeks in advance, including handling all the client’s inquiries, actively sourcing new customers and maintaining current clients – this allows time for the couple to plan their week. “I look after the logistical information and my husband does the more challenging side of things, towing and operating the rock wall!” ‘Logistical information’ includes attending events.

“You are part of something that is for enjoyment – you get satisfaction out of people having fun. It is pretty easy to run, as long as you can tow the rock wall and enjoy working with children”. She explains, “it’s not your 9-5 and that could suit some people. I just think it is a simple system and it is very easy to learn. The communication is great and as far as emailing and the information that we get from emails, I’ve found it quite easy as far as the booking side goes. It has flowed fine”. 

Being on the ‘administrative’ side while her husband does the operating and towing of the rock wall, works well, “because I do a lot of phone work anyway – it runs pretty easily. It’s not like we have to be in the office constantly, and we don’t have to field a lot of phone calls. This would really help franchisees to build the business”. 

When asked what she sees as key attributes a Base Zero operator needs to have, Joanne advises, “it is very important you enjoy working with the public. You go to different locations and you do not do the ‘usual hours”, the work is generally weekends and school holidays”