Fire and electrical compliance focus - FCF Fire & Electrical

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We chatted with Jacob Foster, CEO and Founder of FCF Fire and Electrical at the Melbourne Franchising Expo. 

He revealed details about his business that is focused on helping other businesses to meet their compliance obligations in electrical, fire and safety.

Focused not on general electrical work but primarily on the compliance side of any business.

Jacob is primarily looking for franchise owners that can be great at customer service, so being able to communicate well and let customers know that they are there to help them meet the legislated requirements is crucial.

Started just two weeks before the GFC (2008), so as Jacob said "Not the best time to start the business!", but getting through that period has proven to him "...that it's a recession proof business"

The gap was that service by competitors just didn't exist.

The business is proud to have been a very early adopter and participant in the Franchise Rating Scale. Being ranked as a '4 star' brand alongside much more mature and larger businesses.