Fibrenew understands quality

Since 1987, Fibrenew has been the market leader in the restoration of leather, plastic and vinyl. Now, in 230+ locations across five countries, Fibrenew’s home-based, mobile franchise service caters to the aviation, automotive, commercial, marine, medical and residential markets.

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Fibrenew’s years of experience in the development of exclusive products, techniques, as well as support and operations and marketing systems, are all reasons for the company’s global success. But to the franchisees, the key ingredient is being a part of the Fibrenew family.

Products and support

“The products Fibrenew give us are phenomenal”, explains Fibrenew Franchisee Al Crnjac, from Eastern Ontario. “It gives us the finish we need. This combined with the service is what sets us apart from the competition. Fibrenew coaches you, guides you, and experienced franchisee owners are there willing to teach us and show us. And it doesn’t end there, the technical support online is available to you immediately, everyone is only a phone call away”.

Al has been a part of the Fibrenew family for 22 years and says he doesn’t know what he’d be doing if he wasn’t running his business. “It only took me three hours to know that this was the business for me and since then it has changed my life and my children’s life”.

The business

Fibrenew franchise owners provide repair services to a range of customers from ambulances to furniture stores to schools, and everything in between. “What we do is very rewarding”, shares Al. “We take something that is broken, we fix it and we put a smile on people’s faces. We save them money, we’re saving the environment and we’re making money doing it”.

The excellent income, flexible lifestyle and work schedule, and low overheads are just some of the reasons why Fibrenew attracts such a wide variety of people. Fibrenew franchisees come from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds, and unusual and interesting past careers like golf pros and chemists. You don’t need prior experience to succeed with Fibrenew, either. If you enjoy working with your hands, can distinguish colour adequately and are comfortable with relationship selling, you’re half way there. Accordingly to Al you just have to be willingly to put yourself out there and take pride in your work. “We went out and made sure our first impression was a really good one”, explains Al.“

And that’s what got us started. Every day we went to see our customers and we talked to dealerships and furniture stores, and offered them our services”.