Fast food swagger - best in the world?

‘...One of the best restaurant companies in the world…’

That’s the claim being made by Guzman y Gomez.

They have around 150 locations in total.

They have been running at full-throttle recently, impressively opening store after store. And, with a real focus on drive-thru locations, building in much-needed trading flexibility in a changed world.

Their energy in the market, portrayed with their story-telling marketing, is setting a standard for others big and small to try to follow.

But, I can only wonder if the brand’ serious swagger would be causing a few eye rolls in some of the bigger, more established fast food brands in the market?

Gyg One Of The Best Restaurants In The World On Franchise Buyer

Our 10 Biggest fast food franchises in the Australian market saw brands like Subway 1,300+, McDonald’s 1,000+, Domino’s 694+, KFC 680+, feature prominently as long-established brands in the market.

These are brands that have grown and been tested, and remained resilient through numerous market cycles, and adapted their offer to various consumer changes along the way. 

500 Guzman Mexican stores in Australia?

I’ve made it known before that I have my doubts with the Guzman claim that there is space / demand for them to put 500 Mexican stores on the ground in the Australian market. 

It was a key concern in a video we did on Taco Bell here, and franchised Mexican chains broadly in Australia.

One of the best fast-food brands in the world?

I saw something across social's recently flashing before my eyes, in a post designed to attract people to work for the company, and the phrase 'Want to work for one of the best restaurant companies in the world?' really jumped out at me.

I placed the images of what I saw above.

Is Guzman claiming to be one of the best restaurant companies in the world?

Yes, in the WORLD.

Yes they are.

They have around 150 restaurants in total - in the WORLD.

Nobody else would be so bold

Of course, size is absolutely not everything. 

I actually like the boldness of it. I like that if they really believe that they are one of the best in the world, then go ahead and say it.

Basically, every other franchised brand would be too sheepish to do it.

Steven Marks, the founder of the business, is without doubt an agitator in fast food. 

In numerous interviews over years, he's drawn lines in the sand challenging any other brand in the space.

What would McDonald's think?

It just made me smile at the thought of wondering what a number of other very large players in the market think about this.

There is no doubt Guzman is leveraging merely off the comparison. That they are in the conversation with these brands. Despite the fact that they are the ones who put themselves there!

And I'm far from a person who doesn't like what Guzman is up to.

I actually think that what they are doing, has been very impressive. Their brand presence and impact far outweighs their relative size to much more established, and larger competitors in the market.

And, the 'one of the best restaurants in the world' claim = great positioning, great marketing - even if it is by them!

Seeing through the hype when it's needed

However, I do hope, that at some point into the future, long after when no-brainer gaps in the Mexican food market have been filled, that the swagger and grandiose self-talk, doesn’t disproportionately cloud the reality of a business investment for would-be franchisees. 

Especially if you are to be outlet #500.

Guzman Y Gomez On Franchise Buyer