Egnatium - Measuring Success

How do you really know if your business and its workers are performing at their full capacity?


Who do you turn to in order to solve all of your business problems in one go? An Australian franchisor is helping businesses to succeed and explains it has the stats to prove it. Now you have the opportunity to get involved.

Productivity services

Founded in 2004 as a market research provider, Egnatium has grown to offer a full range of productivity solutions to businesses around the world, helping them to reach their goals by utilising its “Egnatium SCALE” range of services. That is: • Strategy management • Competency management • Appraisal management • Learning management • Experience management Businesses currently utilising these services typically have 50 employees or more and looking for growth through internal productivity. This productivity is realised through strategically aligning the organisational goals with the competencies of the staff and employees.

Egnatium founder Ali Kasa says the team at Egnatium works with each business owner to determine whether they need to work on the people, the processes or the technology within the business and create a measurable plan to ensure goals are met.

Looking for franchisees

Headquartered in Brisbane, Egnatium is now looking to further grow its franchise system throughout Australia and is after a particular type of franchisee to expand the brand. “To be able to work closely with all sorts of businesses on these disciplines, we are looking for people who have at least 10 years of experience in an allied field and want to now create a business of their own,” Ali says. 

There is no franchise offer on the market like this, according to Ali, who says an array of business challenges can be worked on by a single Egnatium consultant. “It is all about efficiency and productivity,” he says.


Integrated solution

Ali explains how Egnatium compares to other business consultants. “A company invites a consultant to work on a particular strategy and they fix it,” he says. “That gets done, then a second company needs to implement technology to monitor the strategy. 

Then, another consultant would need to train the team on the software. So, in this case, you would have to employ three different suppliers to fix the one problem,” he adds. 

“This is nonproductive, costs a lot more money and takes a lot more energy and work to get it done. What we have done is integrate all of this, and our franchisees are trained to be consultants and trainers.” Ali says the software component of the training is delivered from the cloud and all technical support is handled by the head office.

“Our suite of products and services are called the Egnatium SCALE because we want people to understand that our focus is on increasing or ‘scaling up’ your business when you start working with Egnatium.”