Calling investors, retailers or hair dressers - Price Attack is on the move

Price Attack Front Of Store On Franchise Buyer

One of Australia’s most successful retailers is expanding its footprint and looking for new franchisees. What’s surprising is that many people don’t even know that this brand holds one of the country's greatest franchise opportunities.

The ‘Authority in Hair’, Price Attack are known for friendly staff with professional advice, with premium products and services at competitive prices.

A 35 years strong brand

If you’ve grown up in Australia, you’ve grown up with Price Attack. Females who are passionate about their hair can trust that when they walk into a Price Attack store, they are guaranteed a product that will deliver.

Tanya Kanaris, Price Attack’s National Development Manager talks about the growth of the 35 years strong brand. “At the beginning of 2020 our new management team committed to an aggressive growth strategy. Like many franchise brands looking to grow, we did see some impact from COVID through to August/September last year however, we started to see that interest build through and beyond October/November.”

It’s those initial franchise partner enquiries last year that are now being realised as operational franchises with the brand about to open 4 new stores in NSW (2 x in Greater Sydney; 2 x Regional) by the end of this year – pending lockdowns.

Retailer, hairdresser or investor

And as far as who fits best into the business, Tanya explains, “Our franchise model caters for anyone – from the creative & passionate hairdresser who loves retail to the investor looking to make a healthy return on their investment. Interestingly, some of our most successful stores are operated by husband & wife teams who both work in and on the business daily.”

So why is it that people are often surprised to know that Price Attack is a franchise? Tanya has a few thoughts around why. “I have thought about this a lot - Price Attack is so ingrained in the minds of a lot of women that I doubt anyone gave any thought to what kind of business model it was.

Price Attack Store Shelves On Franchise Buyer

The stores are always well stocked, the hair salon and services deliver outcomes to similar levels (if not higher) than some boutiques, so people have no reason to question the operation of each store.

I believe that the success of the brand is testament to our hard working franchisees who go about their business and remain humble; who work hard and promote the brand just through doing what they love.”

 Price Attack delivers a franchise model through support, continuous training and development. Tanya explains, “Our model offers a dual income stream (retail and hair salon services) – both of which drive sales and customer loyalty.”

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