Base Zero is reducing the challenges of running a business

Ask any business owner the four most challenging areas of running a business and they will list: Staff, Cash flow, Time, and Overheads. Base Zero is reducing all these key challenges facing small businesses.

Mobile rock climbing franchise Base Zero is ideal for those who want to run their own business but without the challenges. “There’s so much to do these days, often so many things robbing you of time in a business”, shares Wade Morse. That’s why Base Zero has put systems in place to ensure business owners can enjoy a 3 – 4 day work week, and not be a slave to the office and phone. “Say NO to working 9-5 every day; the stress of hiring and retaining staff; taking on sales and marketing responsibilities, and spending money on large overheads”.

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Finding Customers

Marketing and sales are keys to success but for many business owners, finding customers can be challenging. “That’s what our team at support office is here for”, says Wade. “They excel at being able to guide a client through the whole journey: from a cold call, through to helping a client realise how they will benefit from having Base Zero attend their event.”

Building a good team is always a challenge. “Business owners are constantly having to keep on top of, train up,and making sure they are a galvanised force striking hot all the time”, explains Wade. Because franchisees only require a minimal casual team, issues around staff are reduced.“Casual team members are easy to train if they don’t workout”. Unlike other franchises, “you don’t have to actually make anything and sell it”, says Wade. “There is no stock and therefore no wastage”. Events are pre-booked and deposits paid in advance providing a consistent cash flow for franchisees. You also have the benefit of no rental or premises lease requirements. “You don’t have to own a shopfront and have customers coming to your door”.

The  Base Zero business model is built to help franchisees focus on what really matters to them, helping kids take on a challenge and building confidence. “When I found this business and was able to combine my love of rock climbing, working outdoors, and coaching kids, I knew it was a perfect match”.