Is your franchise doing enough, so people take notice?

In this Episode#18;

We got inspired at a car show event last weekend in Sydney where a franchise brand was strategic with a big presence. 

It got us thinking, are the brands you are invested in or interested in doing enough to make sure your target audience is taking notice? 

Here's a bit of a checklist to find out...

Time stamps to view

0:25 - Invited to a special event with a multi-national franchise brand

0:44 - In a digital world, are brands getting lazy?

1:25 - Your checklist for assessing if your brand is engaging,

1:35 - 1. Exhibitions, shows and events,

2:00 - 2. Store opening events - why aren't brands making it a big deal like Guzman Y Gomez?

2:37 - 3. New franchise expos - these have additional benefits,

3:19 - 4. Multi-Channel strategies - text, email marketing, newsletters, Letter Box Drops (LBD)

3:54 - BUT, franchise brands are not an endless pit of marketing cash!

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