Providing franchisors with data transparency across the whole network by integrating all on-line/off-line data sources

Your single source of truth for your entire franchise operational data, your digital transformation realised

What We Do

We integrate POS / CRM / Financial and other data sources
Provide network analytics to improve franchise profitability
Move franchisor data into one secure cloud environment
Combine your online e-commerce and shop-front data
Provide structured workgroups for franchisees to discuss network data

About Us


Imagine never having to struggle with access to data anymore. When your entire franchise operations data is presented simply and beautifully. When you finally have the time to ask better questions and make smarter business decisions. If that’s not your experience now, it can be.

What we bring to the franchise sector

Resurg is built on the belief that businesses with the same or similar operating model – like franchise businesses – should share data and best practices and be curious about what drives the most successful in their network.

We can help you with

We know how exciting it is when you no longer have to wrestle with out of control analytics. When you can clearly show that you deliver real and measurable ROI. When you can finally feel confident about the value of data across your network.

How long serving franchise sector clients

20 yrs

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Key Offerings

Data Aggregation across all Apps

Resurg is the first data aggregation service designed specifically for franchisors. Resurg pulls franchisee operational data from any app - your POS, back office, CRM or any other data source and presents it in a single, integrated platform.

Data Migration - Cloud Data Warehousing

Resurg captures and stores all of your franchise data safely and securely using AWS cloud infrastructure which allows real-time and customisable network reporting. Using highly secure AWS cloud infrastructure for data privacy and complete peace of mind.

Multi-Channel Analytics

Resurg provides an operating performance dashboard that shows you how your entire network is performing, with the flexibility to drill down to the regional or franchisee level. A truly multi-channel and tailored solution, allowing Business Managers and franchisees to access data anywhere, at any time.

Performance Groups

You’ve got the data. Now it’s time to use it to drive performance and sustainable business growth. The Resurg Business Performance Workgroup Program, where Franchisees and Field Team come together in a dynamic and motivating environment to share ideas, problem solve, set goals and identify business opportunities. Learn from high achievers and tap into the knowledge bank of like-minded people while you work together towards accelerated growth.

Key People

Mark Jenkins

CEO and Founder

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Zach McIntyre

Head of Development Operations

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