Analytics for EVERYTHING that matters in your franchise group

With so much data coming into a franchise network with multiple locations across the country, finding a way to aggregate and make it useful is paramount. It's crucial to making fast and reasoned decisions in business.

Mark Jenkins, CEO of RESURG has spent around 20 years in franchising - he knows it inside out. With an accounting background, broadly the RESURG platform looks to identify why one franchisee for example is more profitable than another, after finding the reason, then sharing it with network to increase profitability system wide. learning and implementing in real-time. 

Where it fits in your current APP suite

According to Mark, "...franchisors typically have best of breed apps, whether it be point of sale or loyalty, back office. We're aggregating that data for them and adding value to it for the franchisees. Typically, giving them the data via a mobile app, telling them how they perform and how they compare with the network. 

For the franchisor, the presentation is slightly different in that "...we're giving them the highlights, telling them how they can use that data to drive sales, drive recruitment of franchisees and improve the overall performance of the network."

Well-established sector experience

With around 20 years involvement in the franchise sector, the business is committed to and understands the sector intimately. And, according to Mark "The key things for a franchisor to consider at the moment is how long it's taking them to get their analytics decisions to market and how much it's costing them, which is a flow on. I think there's a real opportunity for a franchisor to have problems that they need solved immediately from an analytics perspective...". Essentially, the opportunity the platform provides is to solve problems faster and more efficiently through data and analytics, much faster than could be done on their own with all factors considered. 

Who's overwhelmed with data? 

Using all the available data is the key issue according to mark that franchisors are consistently raising. " Most people are telling me we are overwhelmed with the amount of data (they've) got and we've got everyone asking us for different decisions to be made from that. So we really help them distill what are those key problems that they want to solve and then how do you get actions out to the network or to the field team or the team in at head office to make the right decisions quickly."

Key areas of focus 

Right now the company is focusing on key analytics challenges around employment compliance. Their solution to this is giving franchisors greater visibility and early potential problem warnings by "...taking point of sale, time and attendance, back office data, payroll data, and we're able to show a franchisor exactly which franchisees carry potential risk so they can focus their auditing."

The other key area being worked on is around data silos, and aggregating that data. "...most franchise groups will find that just over time, they've got one, two, three, four, five different data sources and they want to be able to bring that together quickly to make the right decisions. And so we're doing a lot of data aggregation, standardisation, and then analytics flowing off that.

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