Xpresso Mobile Cafe: Coffee Franchise Sees Strong Growth at Mid-Year

Glenn Walford of Franchise Buyer speaks once again with Jonathan Payne, Managing Director of Xpresso Mobile Cafe, about the franchise’s progress this 2015.

When Payne previously claimed the franchise to be “the best coffee, the best vans and the best decision you will ever make”, he and his team made sure that it will become truth and reality. Xpresso Mobile Cafe is having a banner year of 2015 on all forefronts. 

In the past 6 months alone, the mobile coffee franchise has already experienced 60% growth, which signals a strong early projected growth in the first quarter of next year. The franchise expects to sign an additional 7 franchise agreements by the year’s end in addition to its current 18 mobile franchises to make it to 25 vans on the ground before 2016.

“This year is our biggest year yet,” said Payne. He attributes the solid mid-year growth achievement in large part to the franchise’s brand positioning that helps attract more customers for franchisees amongst other things. Payne believes that there is very strong growth for the franchise in Brisbane, in Sydney and even in Adelaide. 

He also mentions that what they have in Melbourne is really exciting, as Melbourne is an important market for Xpresso. Their success is, of course, according to Payne, also driven from having “the best franchisees in the coffee industry.” 

Xpresso Mobile Cafe continues to combine excellent service and great coffee with cutting-edge technology. As a mobile coffee business, the van is obviously a big part of the operations of the franchise. 

With this, Payne has something new to tell, “We have new vans. Mercedes Benz is launching new Vito range of vans, being 3-seat, automatic diesel vans, and I had the privilege of sitting in one a few weeks ago. The technology and safety aspects of them are extraordinary, and it will be using significantly less fuel, which lowers the running costs of the business. 

This vehicle quality in part represents what we are all about as a business, and with the first new Mercedes heading to Adelaide very shortly, which is all included in the business purchase price, we are really excited about where we are all headed together.”