Tips on How to Jump into a Franchise in your 20’s

"I was a Domino’s Store Manager at age 18 and a Regional Manager at age 20."

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Louise knows recognising accomplishments is important, “I really enjoy being able to celebrate my own wins”. The hard work I put into my own store will benefit myself in the long run. I love the flexibility because I am able to work when I want to work. As I am quite young, the goal for me is to get ahead as I want to retire in 15 or 20 years.”

Working at Domino’s for nine-years has provided valuable insight into running a franchise. She tells Franchise Buyer her success tips, career, highlights and advice for prospective franchise owners.

What’s helped give you an advantage over the competition?

Domino’s has always placed a huge importance on the products we sell and the service we provide to our customers. The online technology is really helpful as a franchisee, and the company is building a lot of momentum right now. E-Bikes have really taken us to the next level in terms of the areas we can deliver to. We currently have four E-Bikes in my Mawson store in Canberra.

Tell us your career highlights.

I was a Domino’s Store Manager at age 18 and a Regional Manager at age 20.

I moved to Melbourne at age 22 to become a Franchise Trainer which was actually the best role for me. It gave me a chance to look at how well businesses can be run. So I was able to use that knowledge to my advantage and put that into place when purchasing my own business.

Early on in my career with Domino’s, I was in the National Pizza Making Competition at Domino’s National Rally which was another huge achievement for me.

Any practical tips for our franchise community.

  • Be prepared to work hard’ –because I have noticed a lot of people buy into a franchise thinking that they won’t have to do a lot of hard work.
  • Follow the system 100%’ - the guidelines are there for a reason. It works for other people in the franchise so it’s best to use it to your advantage.
  • People and staff are your most important asset’ – you cannot underestimate the importance of having a fantastic team behind you.
  • Look at the whole franchise’ – Ask yourself if the outlay is worth the investment? Is the brand big enough for what you have to pay for it?