The most common questions asked about a franchise

We asked - "What is the most common question you have been asked this weekend?"

Once it all settled down later on Sunday afternoon at the recent Brisbane Franchise Expo, we searched out anyone who would answer one key question;

“What is the most common question you have been asked this weekend?”

A franchising expo is a golden opportunity to take the broad pulse of franchising. In particular, it is a great gauge on investor sentiment and focus, because you have a room full of franchise companies, and potential investors who have put in the real effort on a weekend to conduct their research.

The franchise sector and key people involved are often accused of being franchisor centric. A franchising expo is all about people external to the sector and considering whether franchising is the right business investment vehicle for them. That’s why I enjoy them so much. 

Our advert FREE magazine was there as well :-)

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I’m often surprised why more brands are not representing themselves there, as it is literally the ‘coal face’ of franchising expansion in the market.

The expo environment for buyer and seller is especially great because it can be disarming. You have nothing blocking making eye contact, reading body language and really understanding the brand and the people involved. Same goes for franchise brands with the same opportunity to meet you and understand more about you.

What a great place to explore getting into a business for yourself! 

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