The Answer to the Big Question for New Franchisees How do you choose the best franchise for you?

If you are thinking of leaving your job and starting your own business, chances are you’ve read a wealth of material on the advantages of buying a franchise. But, how do you know if franchising is right for you?


A revolutionary new educational offering from Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence has been launched to address the most important of decisions facing those embarking on a journey to become a new franchisee.

The eClass product

‘How to choose a franchise that is right for you’ is a unique new educational tool, not available anywhere else in the franchise sector, which provides the valuable framework and signposts for prospective franchisees to navigate what is a life-altering business decision. It is 100% impartial and independent, with no vested interests or selling of franchise systems.

The eClass content has been specifically developed in response to demands for more practical guidance, knowledge and education on the key question of how to choose a franchise that is right for your personal, professional, financial and lifestyle goals.

Just as ever-increasing consumer demands have lifted the standards of product and service offerings across all aspects of modern society – from buying a coffee, a car, a house or holiday – it is envisaged that this new learning tool will help to boost standards throughout the franchise sector on the back of better educated and more discerning franchisees.


There are many advantages to joining an established franchise system and for numerous people, franchising is an ideal solution. Established franchisors provide a strong brand name that consumers recognise which often means a healthy customer base. Best-practice training programs teach you how to run the business and support programs deliver assistance.

Making decisions

However, pertinent questions like site selection, developing locations, what types of equipment you will need, where to get the equipment, and other initial start-up concerns will no doubt arise. Important financial considerations also include knowing the invest fee and working capital. Becoming a franchisee in a well-established franchise system has many advantages over starting a business, but becoming a franchisee is still a big decision.

The ‘How to choose a franchise that is right for you’ eClass is a sector-leading product that aims to fill the gap for an easy-tofollow roadmap that will guide the way for those making their first steps into franchising as a new franchisee.

It is the essential guide to choosing, buying and becoming a franchisee and provides the proven know-how to expertly navigate this process, covering everything from understanding franchise terms, the questions to ask, the paperwork and costs involved, due diligence and the professional advisers you need on board.

This class will help to avoid the pitfalls, save money in the long run by making the right decision up front, and set the foundations for a successful and sustainable franchise journey.