Accountants top 10 reasons to buy a franchise

780X660Px An Accountants Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Franchise

With the new year well underway, you might be considering a franchise to set yourself up for your future.

1. Proven business model – it works!
2. Systems and processes developed – to guide your steps.
3. Support and ‘in-house’ technical help – to assist you along the way.
4. Brand already established – leverage off the franchise brand.
5. Marketing and advertising materials available – already tried and tested.
6. Key supplier relationships established – saves you starting from scratch.
7. Training – showing you how to do it right.
8. Peer support and access to the network – you’re not on your own.
9. HR assistance, recruitment, job descriptions – this is essential help.
10. Site selection and negotiation (where relevant) – they’ve done this before and know how to do this.

But even with these solid reasons, not all franchises are created equal. There’s no guarantee of success - that comes down to you. Your effort, your management style, your customer service and business skills.

You also need a Pre-purchase Review before you buy. This checks the financial side of the business before you commit. Be sure the numbers stack up and have them checked by an experienced franchise accountant.

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