The 10 biggest fitness franchises in the Australian market

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Fitness franchises as compared to 'big box' gyms, are an attractive alternative for many to get into the industry with your own business. Of note, this fitness niche is characterised more than any other we've seen, in positioning themselves as being 'the fastest growing' or similar in their field.

We previously characterised the 10 biggest gym franchises list in the Australian market as one of intense competition, well, the fitness franchises are no exception.

However, by comparison, finding the differentiator for would-be franchise owners seems easier with the functional fitness and type of method or approach to it, seeming to be a suitable selector.

It appears that the lower entry costs, and relative ease and simplicity of ongoing operation compared to big box gyms, have made the varying options in this niche attractive to many who may have opted for the traditional gym type of business or even personal training. Arguably, many of the types of businesses in this list, fill the gap in between. 

We created this list to help make your research and decision making process easier. We'll update as the market changes, and as we get more information for you.

1. F45 - 553 locations (AU)

There is no other way to describe the impact this brand has had in the market in recent years - a juggernaut. It is one of those brands that people not involved in franchising, ask about.

The speed to scale up globally has been quite amazing (1900+ globally), and with an IPO to be on the horizon, looks set to continue. I recall meeting the co-founder, Rob Deutsch, several years ago when in it's relative infancy, we met about assistance in growing the franchise network. The confidence in a crystal clear vision and point of difference was memorable and impacting.

The brand describes itself as "...a global fitness community specialising in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and results-driven." From a franchise owner perspective, it claims in it's collateral to "...set itself apart with a proprietary business model for franchisees."

States that it is "One of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world."

I guess the question from a franchise investment perspective is, does the high number of units in Australia make it an as-attractive option when compared to other emerging brands with growth opportunity?

What did the Barefoot Investor say about F45 Fitness?

  • CEO = Adam Gilchrist
  • Headquarters located = Paddington, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2011
  • Investment = $150,000 (fees and equipment)
  • Initial Franchise fee = $50,000
  • Ongoing Fees = Royalty Fee:The greater of 7% of gross sales or $2,500 per month | Marketing Fee: $2,500 per month.
  • Training = 5 Days

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 173.4K (global page) followers
  • Instagram = 293K followers
  • Twitter = 10.4K followers
  • LinkedIn = 19.8K (global page) followers

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2. BodyFit Training - 86 locations (AU)

The brand positions itself as "The hottest new global fitness community. Different. Better.

It further adds the element to their point of difference in the use of science and technology, and techniques, aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle via a variety of 50 minute training sessions.

Interestingly, in it's pitch to would-be franchise owners, it states that "Owning a BFT will propel you straight into capitalising on the top 3 trends for 2020 of the US $80billion fitness industry - Wearable Technology, High Intensity Interval Training and Group Training." (sourced)

The brand has expanded Internationally with locations in NZ, Singapore and USA. In Australia approximately 75% of locations are in VIC, 15% in QLD, 10%- in NSW, as the main locations focus And we note that the locations listed also included a significant number of extra suburb locations as 'Opening Soon!'.

A great foundational story to tell with Cameron Falloon's background in training elite team sports, and being Princess Diana's personal trainer prior to founding the brand. Quite the story!

  • CEO = Cameron Falloon
  • Headquarters located = Spotswood, Victoria
  • Franchising Since = 2012
  • Investment = $150,000
  • Initial Franchise fee = NA
  • Ongoing Fees = Combined fees: $1,700 a month
  • Training = Quarterly training days with industry-leading expert speakers, new releases of programs, new staff training and orientation of the Body Fit Training System. Add in constant marketing, PR and operations support to ensure Body Fit Training stays top of mind and in demand - doesn't say about induction and how long.

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 11K followers
  • Instagram = 12.7K followers
  • Twitter = NA
  • LinkedIn = 618 followers

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3. 12RND Fitness - 80 locations (AU)

Describe themselves as "The most dynamic, convenient and effective workout, supported by a simple, high returning business model; a formula for growth.

And further in their pitch to would-be franchise partners "We are the fastest growing boxing + strength provider in the world."

Potentially some confusion may occur in the market going forward for franchise prospects given searching for the brand by name, also brings up UBX Training, which as we understand it, is the brand expansion internationally. Choosing to look at franchise investment information from 12RDN, takes you to 12rndubx website.

The brand presence in locations sees it with approximately 35%+ in QLD, 20% NSW, and 25% VIC.

Another good foundational story co-founded by world champion boxer, Danny Green, along with Tim West (MD).

  • CEO = Tim West (MD)
  • Headquarters located = Brisbane, Queensland
  • Franchising Since = 2016
  • Investment = $200,000 - $220,000
  • Initial Franchise fee = NA
  • Ongoing Fees = 
  • Training = 12 weeks

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 13.4K followers
  • Instagram = 7K followers
  • Twitter = NA
  • LinkedIn = 520 followers

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4. Hypoxi Australia - 53 locations (AU)

An equipment use focused weight loss studio. Self-described as "...the first weight loss concept to incorporate a workout with advanced vacuum and compression technology to achieve real and sustainable results."

As far as their method is concerned, (it) "...combines low impact excercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition to help your body work smarter, not harder."

Interestingly, there is no visible link or prompt on the brand website for would-be franchise partners, nor a noticeable presence in the 'franchise for sale' market in Australia. In my experience this indicates a pause or pull-back from franchise development, but that is not confirmed. At time of last clear information we found, the franchise had 5 different studio option levels. Opportunities appear available to add the Hypoxi equipment to an existing studio as well.

The brand is a division of Ardent Leisure with other brands, Dreamworld, Whitewater World, Skypoint and more.

  • CEO = John Osborne (CE Theme Parks Ardent Leisure)
  • Headquarters located = Chippendale, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2005 (In Australia)
  • Investment = Starts at $190k+
  • Initial Franchise fee = TBA
  • Ongoing Fees = TBA
  • Training = The on-site training: 42 hours. Headquarter training: 12 hours.

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 29K followers
  • Instagram = 9.7K followers
  • Twitter = 654 followers
  • LinkedIn = 487 followers

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5. Get Going Personal Training - 40 locations

In the mobile personal trainer segment of the market. The pitch to potential franchise partners looks to tap into those unhappy with their arrangement in 'big box' gyms as trainers.

"A system built by us, designed for your success." The pitch to personal trainers to join comes across often as crossing wires with the pitch to get a personal trainer - it is not clear from a brand presentation to the market perspective.

40% of trainers are in NSW, with remaining 60% in VIC.

  • CEO = Ethan Fleming
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2019
  • Investment = Minimum of $20,000
  • Initial Franchise fee = NA
  • Ongoing Fees = flat fee structure $ TBA 
  • Training = 4 Week Mentorship (on the job training), 3 Full days with a Franchise Mentor, 3 Days of Specific Online Training

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 2.8K followers
  • Instagram = 4.8K followers
  • Twitter = NA
  • LinkedIn = 138 followers

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6. Coaching Zone - 39 locations

"Coaching Zone provides group personal training sessions for the beginner through to the advanced."

Operated by Belgravia Health & Fitness, who also owns Genesis Health + Fitness, which featured in our recent 10 biggest gym franchises in the Australian market list.

Interestingly, a key point to 'The Coaching Zone Difference', according to the brand, is the multi-unit opportunity. They state "It is encouraged that as a franchisee you own more than one site once the first location is up and running seamlessly..."

  • CEO = Ian Jensen-Muir
  • Headquarters located = Bayswater, Victoria
  • Franchising Since = 2018
  • Investment = $220k -$250k
  • Initial Franchise fee = $40,000 plus GST
  • Ongoing Fees = Marketing 2% | Royalties: 6% gross
  • Training = Full training provided

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 3.3K followers
  • Instagram = 13.2K followers
  • Twitter = 25.6K followers
  • LinkedIn = 140 followers

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7. Fitstop Australia - 34 locations

According to the brand, its difference in the market is that it is "...a different way of getting fit - it's designed for people who love a functional, varied and progressive training program, all while being a part of a passionate community."

The brand talks in its pitch of being "A proven franchise partner program that delivers real results."

States that it is "...Australia's leading innovative and fast growing functional fitness franchise..."

At first glance, the brand could look under stated to some. However, my observation has been that the brand works hard on growing it's profile and impact in the potential franchise partner market, and is one to watch for the future. 

An observation though, from an experience perspective, the initial contact franchise enquiry process about the business is lacking a personalised touch. We often see this when franchise brands look for efficiencies in adding on international expansion to their local growth processes. And at a relatively fresh 34 locations in the Australian market, perhaps it's not the ideal approach.

  • CEO = Pete Hull
  • Headquarters located = Brisbane, Queensland
  • Franchising Since = 2017
  • Investment = 200k - 250k
  • Initial Franchise fee = $50K
  • Ongoing Fees = Combined Fees: $250-$650 + GST/weekly
  • Training = A complete 6 week trainer and owner induction.

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 13.7K followers
  • Instagram = 8.4K followers
  • Twitter = NA followers
  • LinkedIn = 903 followers

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8. XTEND BARRE - 24 locations

Yes, PM Scott Morrison famously struggled to say the word 'Barre' in describing details in a March 2020 press conference regarding covid restrictions. 

According to the brand "XTEND Barre offers a class for everybody and all fitness levels. From Barre, Pilates, HIIT, TRX classes and more, you can choose the workout that suits you either in the studio or online."

Owned by Collective Wellness Group, which also operates the Anytime Fitness brand.

Nearly half the studio locations are in NSW, with the rest spread across the country.

It describes itself as "Australia's biggest barre franchise."

It is good to see the brand openly stating on it's website (linked below), growth stats over the previous two years for their studios. They state a 32% increase in average monthly revenue (Dec 2017 - Sep 2019), and an 80% increase in membership growth (Dec 2017 - Sep 2019). This transparency is to be commended, and even better when updated to current.

  • CEO = Andrea Rodgers (Founder)
  • Headquarters located = Lane Cove, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 2011
  • Investment = $150,000 - $250,000 + SAV
  • Initial Franchise fee = $36K
  • Ongoing Fees = Ad Royalty Fee 2% | Royalties: 4.0% - 6.0%
  • Training = Time frame TBA

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 3.2K followers
  • Instagram = 2.4K followers
  • Twitter = 3.4K followers
  • LinkedIn = 151 followers

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9. 9Round - 22 locations

30 min kickbox fitness focused.

Describes itself as "One of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world." according to their website.

Operated by Lift brands, who also own Snap Fitness amongst other brands. 

Around 50% of locations are in VIC, with remaining spread across WA, QLD, and NSW.

Nice execution of a personalised video introduction next to the form by the franchise business manager you will be talking to on enquiry in the business.

  • CEO = Shannon Hudson
  • Headquarters located = Brisbane, QLD
  • Franchising Since = 2009
  • Investment = $79,175 - $163,275 USD
  • Initial Franchise fee = $5k - $30k USD (included in investment)
  • Ongoing Fees = Marketing: National - $225 or 2% of net sales, whichever is greater, mth. Local Marketing Fees - $6,000 per year | Royalties: $600 per month. (ALL USD)
  • Training = 1 Week

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 3.2K followers
  • Instagram = 34.8K followers
  • Twitter = 11.3K followers
  • LinkedIn = 141 (AU)  8.5K (global page) followers

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10. Boot Camps Australia - 17 locations (AKA Original BootCamp)

A military inspired, outdoor group personal training program, the presentation / pitch of this offer to the franchise partner market is a departure from the common design and approaches of all the other brands on this list. 

Locations are spread across WA, QLD, SA, VIC, and NSW.

The brand describes their impact in the market with "Original Bootcamp Corps Training is the program that started the boot camp fitness revolution here in Australia...(and since) inception in 1991, it has become Australia's most imitated fitness system..." 

States to be "...Australia's #1 group personal training program..."

  • CEO = Chief Brabon (Founding Partner)
  • Headquarters located = Sydney, NSW
  • Franchising Since = 1995
  • Investment = $39,995 including GST
  • Initial Franchise fee = NA
  • Ongoing Fees = 
  • Training = 4 Day intensive Induction Academy

Social Media Presence 

  • Facebook = 553 followers
  • Instagram = 1K followers
  • Twitter = 193 followers
  • LinkedIn = 253 followers

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Note: And of course, please contact the brands direct for the most up to date information, as while we've done our best to be as accurate as possible, we know some of this information can be a moving target at times unfortunately!