Snap Is on the Move

Keeping up with new trends and technologies is a continuing focus for Snap, which is aware that they are in a fast-changing industry.

This print, design, and website franchise network (the most successful of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere) is undergoing a major rebrand that will see them centralise on their mobile offering, while opportunities for bricks and mortar stores are still available nationally.


A new image

Snap’s Marketing Manager Cindy Haylen is enthused about the new direction, “We’re moving to a new image. It’s exciting times. The new logo, look and feel, is rolling out now. By October this year, we’ll finalise all the centres being on board.” She said that, while the business recognises print’s decline, innovation is not only coming from their digital offer but also reducing their environment footprint and being a one-stop shop. Haylen added, “People want one solution. They don’t want a graphic designer in one place and printing in another.” The Snap model eliminates the need for separate design, print, and website offerings. “There is no switching of hands. People who do design can do the finish rather than going to a third party and getting it different from what is envisioned by the client.” From semi-gloss paper to Scodix (raised finish) and ePublications, Snap franchisees have comprehensive and high-quality solutions available to service client needs.

Mobile Offering

“It’s a low-cost start-up not requiring much capital and generates an income with view to moving to a store. It gets franchisees established,” Haylen explained. “This is a huge benefit rather than having a $300K to 400K outlay.” Mobile partners operate from a van and typically “have an office somewhere and outsource the work they get to another Snap for printing”. There is no “physical store with physical equipment”, and being on the road offers a great deal of flexibility. “Not being tied to an office appeals to people, even though it is still a Monday-Friday job,” added Haylen.

Where food franchises are open seven days a week, the aspect of “not being locked down or working weekends” is attractive to mobile franchise partners, especially knowing that “when their clients are open, they are open as well”. In the last six months (since the launch), already two successful franchise owners have moved from a mobile to a physical location. Haylen said, “Anyone can startup a Snap franchise. We’ve had people work in banks, bakeries, and a range of different industries. They don’t have to know anything about print.” One week of vigorous training is given at the North Ryde, NSW Head Office, and also, franchisees are provided with extensive resources and marketing advice. With a track record of over 100 years, the Snap brand just keeps on building.