Roll'd Vietnamese franchise tour

It is impressive when companies go all out to fully demonstrate what they have on offer to a business opportunity seeker - like Roll'd Vietnamese did at the Melbourne Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo 2022.

At the Melbourne Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo 1 - 2 April 2022, Roll'd Vietnamese presented an extensive full-working store display.

In many ways, this display was a dominant feature of the entire expo with sights, sounds and smells bouncing around the entire hall. 

For a franchised food brand, having the ability to sample and show some of the theatre of what you do is vital component to putting your best foot forward at such events.

In a very busy food preparation and customer service environment, Venice Phan, National Franchise Manager, took us on a very quick tour to give just a little taste of what a Roll'd franchise is all about.

Here is what Venice had to say...

The Roll'd Vietnamese store tour

“Hello, welcome to Roll'd Vietnamese.

My name is Venice, and today I'm going to show you our beautiful brand, people and culture, and of course, our delicious food as well.

At Roll'd, we would love to show you the fast, fresh concept. We want to give you the experience of how the Roll'd store feels like. You can see right here behind me, we have our staff rolling the fresh rice paper rolls, we call them ‘soldiers’. 

When you walk into any Roll'd store, the first thing you would see is our beautiful soldier cabinets, also known as our jewelry box. And this is one of the examples here at the show. Soldiers are always made fresh in the store daily, and we always keep the Soldier (cabinet) fresh and full so we can feed our hungry customers. 

Thank you very much for visiting Roll'd Vietnamese today, everyone. And if you would like to know more information about us, go to for more information, or speak to our team today.“