Not one, but two BIG reasons to join Xpresso Mobile Cafe

The ability to easily get a second Xpresso Mobile Café van on the road, represents a genuine opportunity for new and existing franchisees to now become a mobile coffee magnate in their territory.

2016 07 07 0909

Managing Director Jonathan Payne, says it is testament to two factors, the first: “the system works. If you are not making money, you won’t get a second van. We assist franchisees to get into their second van at cost and we have a finance solution to get them onto the road”.

The 'rent to own finance solution'

The “rent-to-own finance solution” is equivalent to selling 20 extra cups of coffee a day and one of the keys to affording a second van. “It is very competitively priced, at what is effectively 20 x $4.50 cups of coffee per day or$630 per week. This is for our lead-in van - the Hyundai iLoad which includes of course our standard full fit out and signage”. (NB stock and training is extra).

The second factor is an entrepreneurial spirit. “This franchisee (John) looks at the bigger picture and he is robust. We are in a relationship where we support each other – that is what the franchisor\franchisee relationship is all about”.

We are serious about helping our franchisees achieve their small business dreams rather than just being a franchise fee slave to franchisors.

Franchisees within the Xpresso Mobile Café network can operate their second van anywhere within their territory. This premium mobile coffee franchise prides itself on giving large territories – enough for franchise partners to support an additional 2-3 vans, if they choose. “It is all about assisting each other to succeed”, Mr.Payne explains.

Point of difference

Everyone has the ability to do it – it is up to them, we don’t push them”. In a competitive coffee landscape, he believes this point of difference is crucial. The ability for franchisees to add more than one van is an important part of the business model so that “franchisees get the best out of their large territory(geographical area). Their first van will only generally cover about 20% of their given territory so if they want scalability and to build a mini empire... the option is certainly there”.

Mr Payne adds, “our competitor’s pigeonhole them in to small areas, whereas, we genuinely want people to succeed”. As franchisees adjust to adding a second van into their territory, Xpresso Mobile’s level of support does not change. “Each new van only attracts our standard stepped weekly fixed franchise fee, there are no upfront franchise fees for the second van!”.

For franchisee John Kay, Logan is an area of commercial and light industrial businesses, and there is need for employees to be served high-end coffee and cold lunch products, “the morning solution and lunch solution”. The food offering is popular, and an area the business is starting to place a focus on.

An exclusive partnership with Di Bella coffee has given Xpresso Mobile Café another edge, actively promoting a philosophy of ‘Crop to Cup’. This ethos focuses on supporting communities who are the source of the coffee products as, “sustainability is a huge part of who we are”.

The green buying program not only improves the quality of the green beans, but also creates value for franchisees. “We also use biocups, so all our cups are compostable”. 

He says 99% of cups have plastic component around them, and are not biodegradable. With the vans fully equipped to deliver the product, Mr. Payne jokes the fit out is worth more than the van itself! But, it is level of detail that is meeting their client’s expectations for great coffee and service.

“We are serious about helping our franchisees achieve their small business dreams rather than just being a franchise fee slave to franchisors. It’s also a great step towards passive income and of course the income tax and GST advantages of renting over standard finance is extraordinary”.