Micro-fulfilment and e-commerce has transformed our business

As we speak - the ability to support SME's and e-commerce customers with flexible shipping options is crucial.

Nitin is the franchise owner of PACK & SEND, Cheltenham in Victoria.

It's a family business he runs with his wife, and his son works part time in the business while attending uni as well.

The main reason for our visit was to understand more about the 'Micro-fulfilment' aspect of the business that PACK & SEND is focusing on to remain at the forefront of logistics for SME's and the public.

"Micro-fulfilment is something where we store the goods for customers, we pack the goods if it needs packing, or we send it to the end user."

"So the actual customer, he can concentrate on selling his products only..."

"My customers are from any size who are selling goods online, like Amazon, eBay, Woo Commerce website or Shopify. And we fulfil all the requirements, all the freight requirements, the logistics requirements for them. So, we store goods, and we send it for them."

Nitin Cheltenham Pack Send

Additionally, Nitin has a passion for customer service and his focus on helping his customers in any way he can.

"But, the main thing PACK & SEND and we concentrate on, is customer service. We are a customer service driven business, and we focus on customer satisfaction."

"We understand their business so we can deliver their business, their promises to their customers."

The business has been heavily investing in technology, to the point where it's enabling a franchise partner like Nitin to assist a customer with parcels and freight through 3rd party pick up and collections. This mean he is able to do jobs where he doesn't even see or touch the parcels.

"PACK & SEND Live is a zero $ subscription software for customers who are doing multiple consignments in a day. Basically, we give access to customers. they can book the collection, they can check the rates, they can choose the services from our range of services."

In finishing, Nitin sums it up beautifully.

"To wrap up, it is a no limits business for me as far as my business growth is concerned. But most importantly it is a no limits solution for customers needs. And that's what I love about the business, look after customers and customers will look after you."

Nitin Cheltenham Pack Send Work Bench