Franchises, how to pick the good from the bad...

Imagine being able to pick franchise opportunities based on an independent 5 * Star Rating Scale!

You can now. 

You will be able to ask a brand - "Are you rated? If not, why not?" 

Our mission at franchise buyer is to; inform, inspire and entertain you in your quest for a business you can call your own. 

A franchise is a great way to get into business for yourself as many of the things that are 'unknowns' for independent new business owners, have already been sorted for you when you choose the right franchise for you. 

BUT, choosing the right franchise that fits you best is not always easy

We're really excited that a company called FRANdata, headed up by CEO, Darryn McAuliffe, has taken it upon themselves to develop a Franchise Ratings Scale for the Australian marketplace. 

It was only recently released, and already as at 1 August 2019, there are 30 brands in the process of being independently rated under a 5 * star rating scale. 

I explain in detail how it works in this video.