Franchise leader implores other franchise brands to buy local and support producers.

780X660Px This Franchise Leader Implores Other Franchise Brands To Buy Local And Support Producers

Rami Ykmour, owner of family restaurant chain RASHAYS, is doing all he can to help Australian producers to stay viable during the pandemic crisis.

“We have such a great country, a great economy, but we are not controlling it well. If we understood how to support each other in where we buy, imagine what we could achieve!”

“There needs to be education followed by action on how we can best support each other in industry.”

Leading by example, Rami has been working directly with producers, many who have an urgent need to get their produce to market.

One producer Rami is assisting is Coral Coast Barramundi Farm (Whitsundays) after he got a call from his father-in-law who saw a story featuring them on ABC’s Landline show. 

“I didn't even know the farm existed but my father-in-law called, and knowing I’m keen on buying Australian, he has seen this farm that is struggling. I contacted them and it went from there.”

The farm has suffered from the crippling effects of the COVID19 crisis. With less demand during restrictions, there is an increased risk of the Barramundi getting too big for their tank and dying. They are urging all restaurants and consumers to eat more Australian-grown barramundi.

“Currently many farmers are struggling. Anyone struggling pre-crisis, unfortunately they are mostly in an even worse position now. And this is why as a community we need to work together more.”

Re-creating store menus weekly to help move struggling farmer produce.

Rami explains that the RASHAYS approach has been to re-create parts of the menu every week specifically around what produce was in urgent need to be moved. Sellers were moving produce at reduced prices, and instead of profiting more, Rami explains what they did.

“The savings in reduced cost of goods (produce) were experienced because sellers wanted to sell to make sure they get ‘something’ for it. But we also passed those savings on at store level as well.”

“So, people who were struggling financially, our customers, were still able to get a good meal in their stomachs”.

“I know how the farmers and markets work, I used to live around the corner from Flemington markets. And people were calling me from all over the country asking for help to sell their produce.” 

Of course, no business is immune to the impacts of the crisis. “I converted from being a 98% dine-in business, to 100% take out and delivery very quickly.”

"Even as we emerge, we are no longer just a dine-in business, but also now a pick up and delivery restaurant business, and that’s great.”

Rami Ykmour Rashays On Buying Local With Franchise Buyer

Rami’s message to franchise companies large and small

“As franchisors, if we are buying from Aussie farmers, we can educate our franchisees and they can educate the consumer at store level. There is no bigger win than touching people's hearts, our people, who we are as Aussies is the most important thing. If we look after our own backyard we are way ahead.“

Rami wants franchise leaders in business and their communities to start using this type of language. 

“If the franchisor starts speaking in that type of language, then a franchisee can decide if they are in or out.”

Franchisors can become too distant

“You don't build your franchise network without a good heart at the start point. What happens is you become distant as you get bigger. Your customer becomes the franchisee, instead of the actual customer buying what you sell in-store. This removes you from the community in many respects.”

“My message to our franchise store partners is - ‘This is the reason we are doing Barra, and this is the reason why we are paying $2 extra for it (rather than cheaper overseas imports).”

“What are the fundamentals, what made RASHAYS the size it is? As franchisors, we think we become businessmen, but really we are people who found an opportunity within our local community to start with. Then they get CFO’s and CEO’s and as founders we get told all sorts of things, shrinking margins, and freezing products for better profitability, all becomes totally focused on the bottom line. 

But, when you just focus so much on bottom line, you get less of it.”

RASHAYS has 30+ locations across, Sydney, ACT, Newcastle, Wollongong and Brisbane.

Rami Ykmour Rashays Buy Local Barramundi With Franchise Buyer