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When hard working country girl Delena Farmer saw a gap in the market for deck restoration, she seized the opportunity and Deckwerx was born. 

Deckwerx combines Delena’s years of experience in the franchising sector and her passion for restoring natural timber. 

Having started the business from the back of her car, Delena has done all aspects of the job herself. ‘The Deck Diva’ is a title she’s quite proud of (given to her after an impassioned speech regarding a deck).

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Deck 'rescuers'

With outdoor spaces more a priority than ever before, Deckwerx offers cleaning, maintenance and restoration of timber decks using specialised equipment. 

The machines ‘polish’ rather than sand, a process which preserves the wood while removing any coating and dirt before a finish is applied. 

Education on the technical care of exterior timber is part of the training program provided to Deckwerx franchisees. Even decks which look beyond saving may be brought back to life with the right treatment; 

“We’re deck rescuers really.” says Delena. 

“The satisfaction when you've transformed a natural product, you’ve taken a flaked, grey deck, back to looking like brand new timber, it’s a very satisfying job.”

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A supportive franchisee focus

Drawing on over 20 years working in various franchise businesses, Delena has developed a supportive approach to working with franchisees and has implemented a systemised process. 

Her prior roles have included business mentoring, commercial property management and management of franchise agreements, all of which have positioned her to create her own franchise. 

She’s driven to provide a solid platform for would-be business owners. 

“I’m passionate about franchising and I’m passionate about giving people the opportunity to own something for themselves’. 

Deckwerx aims to provide value for money and professional services for both residential and commercial clients. 

Delena is also planning for the future expansion of current services and to take her franchising model nationwide. “My heart is in timber”, she says, “Deckwerx is my baby”.

More information about Delena and a Deckwerx franchise HERE

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