The current market for buyers and sellers of franchises

How on earth are you going to grow your franchise network?

We would not have thrown that question out there a couple of years ago, when for many brands, things were ticking along steadily. 

It's a very different market now, so we asked Len Ferguson, one of the country's leading franchise growth experts, about what he has been seeing in the market, and talked through those insights within the context of how brands are marketing their franchise offer.

Short Bite and Full Version of the Interview

It was a 20 minute chat of insights, so we also cut it down to a shorter 3 minute bite size part of it as well below!

Is it a buyers or sellers market (one question cut)

FULL Interview further below

The current market for buyers and sellers of franchises

Timing stamps;

Len Ferguson and his background in franchising and selling  - 23 secs

Is it a buyers or sellers market?    - 1min 45 secs

What are buyers saying and telling you right now?   - 2min 25 secs

Franchise companies need to inspire people to invest    - 3min 55 secs

Why video storytelling is essential for franchisors to get their investment message across   - 4 min 47 secs

What are sellers of franchise saying?   - 7min 30 secs

Buyers can smell bargains in the market right now  - 9 min 15 secs

What the best franchisors are doing right now   - 9min 45 secs

Franchise brands looking to sell franchises are being judged on the professionalism and speed of their response to an enquiry    - 12min 20 secs

What the future looks like for franchising   - 14min 53 secs

Which franchisors are the ones that are going to grow?  - 16min 35 secs

If I was a buyer, what would you tell me?    - 18min 33 secs

If I was selling my franchise, what would you tell me?    - 18min 57 secs

What is your advice to franchisors right now?   - 19min 50 secs

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