Consumer Trends

Trend awareness is just good business – new discoveries and innovations regularly occur and consumer choices can change as a result.

Woman S Hands With Caesar Salad On Table In Restaurant

Food consumption is an everyday necessity so... What will everyone be eating in 2019 and why?

We decided to do some research and after trawling through numerous foodie sites, this is what we have arrived at:

Top 3 Australian Food Trend Predictions for This Year

1- Sustainability

Consumers want to know where food was grown, caught, farmed or processed. Best answer – Australian and ethical! There is a growing ‘No Waste’ movement, which encompasses using every part of a product (nose to tail, root to shoot) and eco friendly packaging.

2 - Food As Medicine

Fermented – Fermented foods are growing in popularity. These foods increase probiotics and improve the immune system.

Omega 3 – There’s been a resurgence in consumers seeking foods rich in Omega 3, such as salmon and walnuts, for brain and cardiovascular health.

Dairy Free – A rise in allergies has led to consumers seeking dairy alternatives. Products such as almond, soy, rice, oat and coconut milk are common and now there’s even hemp milk!


3 - Vegetables - are the new Wagyu Plant based eating was the biggest trend of 2018, according to Australian Food News and vegetables are tipped to play an even bigger role moving forward. More and more people are expected to embrace meat-free lifestyles, due to the increased environmental and financial cost of proteins.

With these thoughts in the forefront of consumer’s minds, it seems likely that food trends will have an impact on people’s everyday choices and the businesses they buy from.