Bedding franchise stores open & trading strong in a covid market

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In what could be considered an anomaly in the current market as at 6 April, all Bedshed stores are open, and “...are all trading beyond all expectations.” according to Greg Prussia, National Business Development Manager.

It’s one thing to be trading at all, let alone doing it the way Bedshed reports it is on a daily basis, as many retailers voice their dissatisfaction with a requirement to continue trading while paying rent and staff, as foot traffic and sales are dramatically down. 

As such, many retailers are not only losing sales, but are losing money daily with the costs of just being open to trade.

“We are not just ‘keeping the doors open’, with our stores, like many others in retail unfortunately are. It’s an incredibly difficult time, and with tough trading conditions, so our focus is very much on supporting our franchise partners through it.” 

Greg continues, referencing the bedding industry, “We are fortunate to be in an industry that is a necessity for everyone, regardless of age or sex.”

“Some franchise partners are telling us that of the customers who are coming in, they know exactly what they want, and in reality, it is probably meaning people are making a purchase decision faster and getting out.”

According to Greg, the company still has shipping containers landing which are packed with furniture for their stores. 

But it’s the way the company sources mattresses that may be a surprise to many.

“Many people probably don’t realise that our mattresses are made locally. It’s proving a huge advantage right now with supply chains stretched across many product categories. In one case,   we had a store last week that ordered mattresses early on Tuesday morning, and received them later that afternoon. This is fantastic on so many levels, and it is indicative of what is possible with local production.”

Greg Prussia Bedshed 2Nd From Left

Greg Prussia, (2nd from left) - Image taken Oct 2019

Social distancing

The business is also taking actions to ensure that they are trading safely in this environment. The fact that the average store size is over 1,000m2 means that social distancing, a key component to any business continuing to trade, is not an issue. 

“We also adopted single-use only pillowcases in store, plentiful hand sanitising and good social distancing disciplines, to ensure the safest trading environment possible. And we have both collection and contactless delivery of your items as well. It has all taken some adjusting, like it has for all of us, but our franchise partners have coped really well, and have a positive outlook.”

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