Attract An Avalanche of Clients With a Million Dollar Prize Lure!

Achieving ‘Wow’ in marketing is compulsory if you want to stand out in an incredibly noisy world today. A marketing strategy aimed at creating ‘avalanches’ of customers and sales has been unleashed.

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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we all know it’s getting harder and harder to attract new clients.

Why? Because we live in a very noisy world these days, all of us being subjected to over 3,000 marketing messages a day! Think about it for a moment - Facebook,Twitter, Adwords, billboards, free to air TV, pay-TV, radio, newspapers, letterbox brochures, online banner ads, bus shelter promos and so on – all coming at us, all day and night.

So if you want to stand out, my belief is you need a “WOW FACTOR!” Something that’s going to immediately capture the attention of your target audience - and something that’s going to entice them to BUY. Imagine if your business invited prospects to visit your website or buy your products or services to enjoy an entry into having the chance to win $1 MILLION! And imagine if “a packaged online or off-line promotional concept” (including the $1 Million prize!) was available forfranchisees for as low as around $1,500 per week!

The Million Dollar Wheel Promotion

This “powder-keg promotional package” I unashamedly put forward as it has the ability to drive avalanche traffic online or off-line for any business. But whether you do it or not is not necessarily the point, what is the point is that you takeaway from this what is possible when you approach consumer related marketing strategies from a ‘different to the norm’ mindset. I’ve personally been involved in designing avalanche marketing concepts for many years now, providing the big media companies like News Limited and Channel 9 with repetitive trade “Bingos & Sweepstakes” that have broken consumer records. In short, I know the formula for “getting the attention of prospects” - and then influencing them to become a repetitive purchaser in campaigns that:

a. Attract masses of clients

b. And gets them to return regularly!

How “The Million Dollar Wheel” Works 

In the off-line version, the business has “an electronic wheel displayed on a TV monitor” - and customers are invited to enjoy a free spin for every purchase of a certain amount. If they land on one of the Superdraw Numbers (the business decides on the ratio), they receive an instant prize and an entry into the Million Dollar Superdraw at the end of the promotion. This is an insured promotion where at the Superdraw, the contestant spins a wheel with 250 Numbers, with the ‘$1 Million Prize’ being ONE of those numbers. So, at this Superdraw, the contestant has a 1 in 250 chance of winning the million dollars, and if he or she spins up one of the 249 other numbers, a consolation prize is won (maybe an Island Holiday or similar – provided by the business).

Don’t be deterred by the long-odds at the Superdraw - this has virtually no effect on the juggernaut nature of the promotion, as how many times do you think Eddie McGuire has given away the million dollars on his TV show? Hardly ever – but Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has proven to be one of the most successful TV programs of all time. It’s the chance to win such an incredible prize which makes these sorts of concepts work like crazy. This promotional concept is something I’ve been working on for 18 months - and I’ve just launched it into the Club Industry (as a member stimulant concept). We’ve just launched this into clubs as a member stimulant concept, and has been designed to entice members to visit regularly and receive one free spin of the electronic wheel each day. Because clubs suffer from a large proportion of their members being dormant, this is exactly the sort of promotional solution to address this problem with the lure of a million bucks to entice members back. This can also work within a franchise network as well with high purchase repetition. The actual theatrical ‘booth component’ can be tailored to suit any size retail outlet - the photographs here simply show the clubs version. In the case of smaller premises, the central promotional point might be pull up banners and the TV spinning wheel.

Also an Online Traffic Stimulant 

The same concept can also be used online to drive insane amounts of traffic to a website via a spinning wheel ‘Video Facebook Ad Campaign’. The way we have had this running is providing the Facebook video ad template (a spinning wheel with the appropriate “Win $1 Million” headline ©), inviting prospects to click the advert and go through to the next webpage for the chance to be in the draw for a million-dollar prize. Keep in mind that your Facebook advertising can be the most laser-targeted marketing campaign you’ve ever done, because you can target your most profitable prospective clients. And when someone clicks your Facebook ad, they go through to a landing page which features the ‘spinning wheel’ game and of course a selection of your products or services. In order to get a free spin of the electronic wheel, the person firstly needs to provide their contact details enabling you to build a great database of prospects - which is GOLD for you!

After doing this, they can click the Spin Button and if they land on one of the Superdraw Numbers, they win an instant prize (probably a digital download of a free blueprint or perhaps a cinema or event ticket etc) and get an entry in tothe $1 Million Superdraw at the end of the promotional period.

Outside of the normal stock standard promotional offers presented, you can just imagine the effect this Facebook advertising campaign would have on stimulating traffic to your landing page.