Spectrum Analysis – Using data to make better business decisions

Data based decisions are the way of the future – wet finger in the air is OUT!

What We Do

Territory Planning
Demographics supplied to assist your decisions
Web based mapping to allow you to visualise the markets
Sales Prediction and cannibalisation modelling
Strategic Network Planning – think 5 – 10 years into the future
Site Analysis and decision making

About Us


With a team of 7 very experienced staff, Spectrum Analysis should be your analytical partners to make great decisions.

What we bring to the franchise sector

With over 20 years as members of the FCA, we contribute to all major events, the NFC and educate the sector

We can help you with

Making data based decisions in where you set up territories or locate your stores

How long serving franchise sector clients

21 years

Key experience in the franchise sector

Worked with clients for over 20 years in helping them with their long term, strategic set up. Prior to that had a further 20 years in working with franchises in the oil industry.

Located in

Whilst we are located in Surrey Hill, Melbourne we would both nationally and internationally, especially with our web based mapping solutions, and with one client in 45 countries.

Key Offerings

Territory Planning

Territory Planning should be done so that you can say each territory you grant offers “similar” opportunity

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Site Selection

Establish a process in selecting good sites from poor ones

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Strategic Network Planning

Do you have a plan for 5 – 10 years in the future on where you WANT to open sites?

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Web based mapping

We should have one set of maps we all can see, and these need to be correct!

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Key People

Peter Buckingham

Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd

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