A low fee, low staff, small floor space business model.

Average franchise $1.7 mil in sales for just 1.6% in fees!

$180,000 to $220,000 including stock


Years in Franchising


Current Locations

The Key Points


Sleepy’s is strongly committed to business success. The Sleepy’s model is simple yet successful. Sleepy’s offers you the opportunity to work for yourself, driving your own business and realising the rewards. 

# Current Locations


Year Business Established


Qualifications Needed

In a great franchisee we look for somebody who is passionate about success. Do you really want to do it (succeed)? Can you do it well? And secondly, selling experience if possible is an advantage, but we can teach that if necessary. But they really just need to want to get in there and make it work for themselves.


Extensive and ongoing training – Sleepy’s initially trains new franchisees up to two weeks and then assigns a Business Development Manager to them who continue to guide them through their business journey. Ongoing training can be arranged as required.

What you get for your Fees

Income Guarantee

Faster ROI - We give our well-performed franchise owners the potential to generate a faster return than is possible in most other franchise operations. This potential is backed by;

- Lower entry costs
- Lower running costs
- Reduced stock holding requirement
- Healthy margins maintained in a well-run business

Ongoing Costs

Low entry cost – With the average store costing between $180,000 to $220,000 including stock and franchise fee and depending on the floor size, this investment is within the reach of many people considering a franchise.

Business Launch Support

- A simple, proven selling system that works
- A stable industry with healthy margins
- Product ranges with leading technology updated regularly plus an exclusive endorsement
- Professionally styled, fully stocked retail stores in locations relevant to our product sector
- Benefit from Sleepy’s national advertising campaigns with comprehensive, cost effective marketing and advertising programs
- Ongoing training and IT support
- A fully committed Sleepy’s management team

Awards and Recognition

The Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) endorses a range of beds exclusive to Sleepy’s and manufactured by Sleepmaker. The CAA has long recognised the importance of the relationship between your spine, your mattress
and your health. When abnormal stresses are placed on your spine, this may cause tension in adjoining ligaments and muscles. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate both physically and mentally, to ensure you wake refreshed to make the most of your day. Chiropractors understand the vital role sleep plays in your health and wellbeing.

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