Want An Avalanche Of New Leads? It’s Simple When You Know How!


As a Marketing Advisor, I hear all sorts of complaints from business owners – but the main one is that they are NOT getting enough “leads”.

It seems to me that most owners believe they “can convert” – as long as they can enjoy a constant flow of “leads”. If I was to ask 100 owners “for their preference of me providing advice on getting leads or tips on converting prospects” – 95% would say “give me more leads!” I must confess that I am constantly surprised how many business owners still simply open the doors (offline or online) and expect people to come in.

Of course, this is particularly prevalent in the offline world - take a walk down any retail strip and you’ll see butchers, delicatessens, hair salons, cafes and hardware stores just waiting for people to come through the door. And when someone actually goes through the door, 99% of these businesses fail to capture any data - and therefore can never contact that person in the future to invite them to come back. But let me get back to “leads” - as this appears to be the number one priority for every business owner, online or offline. My view is that every business needs a “leads machine”, one which continually pumps out prospects at will.

At this point, you may be having a bit of a giggle & thinking “oh yeah, that’d be so easy… sure – dream on!” But believe it or not, it actually “IS” possible – particularly now that we have online tactics at our fingertips. And the likes of Facebook & Instagram provide us with the most laser-targeted form of advertising the world has ever seen, increasing our chances of attracting reasonably warm leads quickly & cost-effectively. So, if you’re using these platforms, you need to quickly start – but only if you know how to exploit this opportunity.

Facebook & Instagram 'Lead Machines'

Whilst Snapchat & Twitter are of course major players in the social media world, most business owners would choose Facebook, Instagram & YouTube to promote their wares. For the sake of simplicity here, I’m going to give you examples of “avalanche lead generation” using Facebook only. 

Nonetheless, the same principle can be used on Instagram & perhaps YouTube. One of the members of my advisory program was an aluminium fence supplier with a market focus on Gosford in NSW. His target audience was very clear to him – owners of older houses (maybe homes 30+ years old) who would’ve likely had an old paling fence that was showing its age.

Ugly Fence1 Fb Task

He had tried letterbox brochures to postcodes that had older homes, with hardly any response. Then he tested Facebook advertising in such areas, with a woeful response. He was at his wits’ end and nothing was working. So, when he came onto my advisory program, I offered to create a new campaign angle for him, one which broke sales records for him instantly.

I crafted a Facebook advertising campaign that was laser-targeted to postcodes with older homes. It was a competition titled, wait for it, ‘The Ugliest Back Fence In Australia Contest!’ Homeowners were invited to take a photo of their ugly, decrepit back fence, and post it to the aluminium fence company’s Facebook page. It was that simple in execution!The result was that I received a call 3 days into the campaign from the business owner, saying that he had to turn off the campaign, as he had gained 2 years-worth of leads in just a few days!

Facebook Ugly Fence Campaign Image

Now that's how you get an avalanche of good leads in just 3 days!!!

This concept also follows my mantra of a 2-Step-Sell – where your Facebook advert sends a prospect to a Landing Page which collects their contact details so you can then follow them up and SELL to them.

This is where many business owners fall down with their Facebook advertising, as they try to sell straight from the actual Facebook ad. What you need to do is create a Facebook ad that intrigues a prospect to click through to a Landing Page to get something like a Free Report or perhaps a Free Entry into a contest.

When the prospect does that, they of course leave their details, which means you can then contact them to promote your product or service! Hence, why I refer to it as the 2-Step-Sell.

Say for example, you were an Italian Kitchen Renovation company. I’d recommend you create a Facebook advertising campaign that perhaps mirrored my Ugly Back Fence one (which we’ve done for kitchen companies with spectacular results) or maybe offer a Free Report titled

The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Kitchen”.

In the case of the latter concept, prospects click through to a Landing Page and whoever does this has immediately flagged they’re in the market for a kitchen makeover. And that’s when you’d follow up quickly with a great offer for renovating their kitchen! Again, a 2-Step-Sell.

Burger restaurant jammed with leads!

Another member of my marketing program experienced insane responses from a Facebook lead generation campaign I devised for him. The Burger Institute is a Brisbane family restaurant serving gourmet burgers. It’s licensed & pretty funky, somewhat similar to the franchised burger chains going around. Although their burgers normally retail for $15 or more, the actual cost of making a burger is a few dollars.

So to generate traffic to the restaurant, we created a Facebook ad campaign offering a Free Burger on the basis that you bought another one. Respondents simply clicked the ad and went to a Landing Page – where they provided their contact details and then downloaded a printable voucher.


They took that free burger voucher to the restaurant. And what was the result you might ask? Avalanche traffic to the restaurant, and for a giveaway that cost just a few dollars, the average sale to respondents (who of course always came with a friend) was near $50, a pretty good return on investment!

Gold Coast fasion store swamped with instant leads!

Another client, a Surfers Paradise women’s fashion store called Destination 4217, needed to exploit the fact that it was the exclusive stockist in South East Queensland of the outfits worn on Channel 10’s The Bachelor TV Show.

I created a Facebook Ad Campaign that invited women in the appropriate target audience (30 to 50 year olds) to ‘vote for their favourite colour of the jumpsuit featured on the program’. The respondents to the ad went to a Landing page where they voted after providing their details. And bingo! the fashion store owner had an avalanche of new prospects within just a few days. Of course, they are prospects to follow up and sell to.

My own avalanche leads leads Facebook ad

I hold 1 Day Marketing Events around Australia aimed at business owners, and whilst years ago, I heavily advertised in Airline Magazines & Business Publications, I now exclusively use Facebook to fill seats for this type of event and offer.

812000 Leads Jd Advert Facebook

I do this by simply implementing my 2-Step-Sell formula. My ads feature a ‘tease headline’ that invites business owners to click and find out more. When they click the ad, they go to a Landing Page which offers them Free Tickets to my event IF they leave their details.

A Facebook Ad that has been getting incredible results is one that highlights my achievement of scoring 812,000 leads in one week for a client. This ad single-handedly filled 3 seminars in record time. And then at the event, I showed attendees the actual case study that involved my client, New Idea magazine and how I generated that many leads in just one week.

So there you have it, avalanche leads might only be a Facebook Ad Campaign away for you! But remember, when using this incredibly targeted platform, you should go down the 2-Step-Sell path.

Make sure you intrigue your prospects with a clever benefit driven headline, or maybe a contest. And when they click the ad, they go to a Landing Page where you collect their details. THEN you can start your selling process!