Tutor2You and a missing link in education

When Scott Fell was in school scraping through, he didn't imagine that fast forward to 2019 he'd be running a successful startup inspired by his own academic challenges.

Scott Fell, he Founder and CEO of Tutor2You, a home tutoring service, never did a lot of study. In fact, he barely did what was asked in school and failed 2 out of 4 subjects in his first semester of uni before he realised he had to change his goals.

Now a registered Structural Engineer, he explained, "In uni, I got 13% in a maths subject, which I took again the following semester having reset my goals and having done a bit of research into how I needed to learn best."

It was around this time while he was tutoring school children to earn some extra money that Scott realised he and other kids had never been taught the skills and methods of how to study. "There are countless studies out there on study skills and techniques and strategies. I was using these strategies to get better and better grades, but reducing the amount of time I was studying."

Young Student And Male Tutor

This is when the lightbulb moment occurred and he realised that this was the gap in the tutoring market. Here was an opportunity to teach students how to study properly. And so, Aim High Tutition was born in 2011, later rebranded to Tutor2You in 2016.

For Scott wasn't just about helping students improve their grades. The main benefit was about having a positive impact on their overall outlook. 

"2 or 3 hours of tutoring one on one can really change the mindset of the student. To date, since we've launched our platform we've done 62,000 hours of tutoring. So the amount of impact that we're able to have at scale is incredibly powerful and motivating."

"One of my favourite quotes is by Einstein, 'Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school'. This resonates with me. After having gone through that unique experience in uni and coming out the other side with an engineering degree, I love this. It's about a change in mindset. Which is something I learned after school."

Tutor With Student 2