Tile Rescue: The Clean Approach

Effective franchise models provide systems to franchise partners.

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VIP System

For franchisees seeking an “extra revenue opportunity”, the VIP system provides customers access to an online retail shop. Cleaning and maintenance products are purchased at 25% discount and Head office does the shipping. Franchisees receive 25% of each item sold. Traditionally bathroom and floor products were purchased at supermarkets, “but now, Head Office put the pack together and it is a  bit of a wow factor”. It helps “set up rapport” and the VIP customer number can be used to sign up the customer’s family and friends.

The Rescue Hub

The Rescue Hub is an online quoting and reporting system “which cuts down hours for franchisees”. As Tile Rescue “do a lot of work for property managers, we can now do a report on the spot and email it. They can send it to the owner and it’s a more polished and professional approach.” Buying supplies online, tracking “simple KPI’s like conversion rates and average sales” are helping franchisees “do more on the move and less when they get home”.

Here’s how it works:

1. Lead comes into Head Office who enter it into the franchisees Rescue Hub.
2. It’s picked up as a lead into the bookings calendar.
3. Franchisees turn up on site and do the quote (set out online generically).
4. Quote is converted to a job and client booking.
5. Franchisees completes required work.
6. Quote becomes an invoice (picked up by Xero).
7. Reconciled in the accounting system.

Tile Rescue innovation

Whether it’s materials or tools for doing the job, Tile Rescue prides itself on innovation of products and designing methods to save time. Mr Hyde says, “products are sourced and tested locally”, many bespoke to the company. For a business “that does everything to do with tile and grout maintenance,” an efficient working environment is crucial. Thanks to the invention of specific tools, franchisees no longer need to engage in work on their knees (a big plus!). “We’re also just ready to start testing a tool that will let you stand up, walk along and roll into the grout joints. The innovation of ways to do showers and floors just got better and better.”