The Revitalisation of Chem-Dry, 2016 is Full Steam Ahead

30 years on and Chem-Dry is leading the way for cleaning franchises with innovation in product technology and extended support for franchisees.

Celebrations are coming in the form of a “revitalisation of the brand” before the big 30 in May this year.

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CEO Alan Biddle says, “it is exciting stuff for the business and for the existing guys. There are a lot of new products and equipment being developed in the US”.

Green Certified Prodcuts

With almost 30 Green Certified products coming into the current range, Mr. Biddle says this will bring “an even better service for our customers and assist our franchise partners to work more efficiently during the day”. Known for their healthy and green alternatives (ChemDry use an organic hot water carbonated extraction method called ‘The Natural’), the business has a solid and unwavering focus on innovation and “staying ahead of the curve”. 

Mr Biddle says Chem-Dry constantly provide “superior products in the marketplace that are not matched by competitors. There’s a thirst in consumers for products that are safe for kids and safe for animals. Franchise partners can guarantee to the customer what they are applying is safe for people’s families. It doesn’t contain toxins or solvents that can linger in the carpet or in the home”.

Franchisee Support

Another addition to the revitalisation of the brand is increasing the level of franchisee support. A new Franchisee Development Manager (FDM) has been trained in the US and Mr. Biddle says this will be “the first of many we bring into the Australian network”. Providing a higher level of support is a key focus for the business and the new FDM is “more structured towards coaching, mentoring, goal setting and accountability for franchise partners. 

They’ll be asked ‘where do you want your business to go?’ Let’s build a plan for that. Also, ‘what is your strategy to exit the business?’ It’ll be a very different and exciting mindset to what these guys are used to”.

For people looking to enter a mobile service franchise,Mr Biddle says, “Chem-Dry is a business model that you don’t need experience in the sector to join. You need a strong customer service focus and to be prepared to roll up your sleeves, the rest can be taught” He adds, “very few businesses can provide the flexibility we can, you can work from home and the 8am-3.30pm hours actually lends itself favourably to people”.