Stellarossa is growing to give customers a unique dine-in experience

Long gone are the days of just expresso bars and fast food start-ups as the offer to attract clientele. Young families want a unique dining experience. They’re after consistently great products at an affordable price. Stellarossa doesn’t feel that’s asking too much.

The Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for coffee and service excellence. Their mission, says Stellarossa Managing Director Darren Schultz, is to “stand out from the crowd in terms of the quality of our products”. Providing a consistent experience should be easy with quality products, yet many diners find eating at their local restaurants to be a ‘hit-or-miss’ scenario.

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There are a lot of brands out there that call themselves a coffee shop or coffee brand but their focus isn’t really on the product”, explains Darren. “Maintaining consistency across all our products at all our sites isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve spent time and money hiring good support staff, building a strong operations team, and sourcing the highest quality products”.


While the rest of the hospitality industry is focused on creating trendy and up-market restaurants in CBD’s, Stellarossa is focusing on growing its franchise base in suburban and regional areas, particularly in neighbourhood shopping centres. The move has been a successful one, filling a need for decent quality products and providing customers with more choice. “We’re looking to target young families as regular customers”, shares Darren“. Parents who want to go out and enjoy a nice meal with their children with a glass of wine and without any problems in doing so. There’s a need for these types of dine-in restaurants and we’re growing to try and fill this need”.


It was always Darren’s plan to build a strong platform in South-East Queensland before expanding. “I wanted to get our backyard right first before we moved interstate. Now we’re geared up for growth and prepared to go anywhere nationally”. Stellarossa’s first interstate store will be opening in Adelaide and 11 more stores are expected to open by the end of the year, with negotiations already happening across all states. “I’m quietly confident we will have 50 stores up and running by the end of 2017”, says Darren. “In the end, it’s not about being the biggest in the marketplace”, says Darren.

It’s about having good quality sites and motivated, passionate, customer-experience focused franchisees on board, which is only going to help our continual growth while at the same time growing a core group of happy, successful business owners with us”.