Sprinkles Cupcakes Success Story via Facebook

Facebook is a great medium for marketing your business. John Dwyer gives a detailed example of how to do this.

2016 07 12 1157

Here is a great story about a Los Angeles cupcake store that has used Facebook to promote its business. The store is called Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Facebook posts

Every day, it posts a word or phrase that a specified number of customers can use to get a free cupcake. For example, the wall on the Sprinkles Cupcakes Facebook page might read something like “Variety is the spice of life, so try a new flavour! The first 50 people to whisper “variety” at each of our Sprinkles Cupcakes store receives a free cupcake of your choice.”

Let us face it. Giving away a free cupcake to 50 people costs very little for each store, and such an incentive will bring lots of people into the stop who would buy plenty of other products when they are in there. It is all about “teasing” prospects to come in and enjoy something for free and then upsell when they are there.

Word has gotten around that Sprinkles Cupcakes provides such incentives to its Facebook fans, and guess what. The Sprinkles Cupcakes Facebook page has now over 523,000 fans. While I was looking at it this morning, their offer was the first 25 people to whisper “tea time” at Sprinkles Cupcakes receives a free chai latte.

Think about what you could promote as an incentive on your Facebook wall. Borrow this idea and create “artificially stimulated traffic” for your business. 

Visit the Sprinkles Cupcakes Facebook page and have a look. www.facebook.com/sprinkles