Seeing your bookkeeper as an extension to your business team

Bookit was founded by Karen Kennedy 10 years ago and is not your regular bookkeeping business.

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Karen has built a specialised service providing support for the franchise sector which helps with far more than the basic running of a business.  

Supporting their franchise clients with payroll, super, creditors, debtors, bank reconciliations, BAS, end of year and more, Karen has built Bookit from a solid foundation of experience in the franchise sector, and  a focus on personalised service.

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Identifying business pain points

Karen’s previous years of experience working in franchise finance departments and franchise development has given her a unique and relevant career in providing bookkeeping support for the sector.  She has drawn on her background in franchising to gain insight into the pain points faced by franchisors and franchisees.

Most companies either try to do everything in-house, or they hire a bookkeeper who comes in quarterly or monthly. As such, businesses are operating reactively rather than proactively or as Karen says “they are trading blind”.

 Business owners are trying to be everything and wear every hat. Karen says “They’re trying to do sales, marketing, finance. But often, these things are outside their areas of expertise and it’s drawing them away from marketing and growing their business.”

The greatest risk is that if they are doing their bookkeeping incorrectly, it could potentially cost them tens of thousands of dollars due to errors should they get audited.

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“The Bookit difference”

The Bookit team call themselves ‘Account Managers’ for a very good reason. Every client receives a dedicated Account Manager who provides personalised care for their business.  

As Karen says, “We are an extension to our clients’ business rather than an outsourced bookkeeper. We are in the trenches with them day in day out. We ride the waves with them and we genuinely care about helping them to be successful.”

Rather than plugging in data at the end of every month then walking out the door, the approach is to take ownership over performance reporting and reconcile every client, every week. A dedicated go-to person who takes care of the numbers so business owners can get out there and do what they need to do… build the business.

Karen’s best advice for any business owner is this, “Don’t try and do everything yourself.  Always know how your business is tracking and partner with the right experts from the beginning so you can spend time on your business, not in it.”

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