Nobody wants to do a cashflow forecast

780X660Px Nobody Wants To Do A Cashflow Forecast

"How do I prepare a cashflow forecast?"

Said no small business owner.


In fact, most small business owners I meet don’t even really know what a cashflow forecast is, let alone know how to prepare one.

They pretty much take it one day at a time.


And hoping.

Nobody Wants To Do A Cashflow Forecast On Franchise Buyer By Peter Knight

But a cashflow forecast can have a massive impact on the financial performance of a business.


And it links to sales and marketing, which many people think is more fun anyway!

So, why do one?

. It’s your glimpse into the future

. It shows if you’ll run out of cash

. It shows when you’ll run out of cash

. This gives you time to prepare and take steps

. It helps set your sales targets

. It shows the level of sales you need to cover your costs

. This gives you far more control over your financial position

. Which means you have far less stress

. Which means you'll have better sex

So, as you can see, the reasons are compelling!

You could be in the top % of small businesses

If you’re already using Cashflow forecasts, you’re in the top percentage of small business owners. You know how useful they are.

If you’re not, it’s never too late to start.

Let me know if you need a hand. I'm happy to send you a really good template to use.

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