New Technology is Helping Kleenit Clean Up.

Innovation is a buzz word in many circles, but for WA-based Kleenit Franchise Group improving the cleanliness of customer sites is as simple as adopting technology to help get the job done.

Technology is changing significantly. Kleenit is using their app  Sim PRO to help new partners ease into the business and hit the ground running.

Designed specifically for contracting and service businesses, Kleenit technicians have a tablet which is basically a “customized workflow” says Director Mark Wood. Jobs are received on the tablet, franchise partners complete the invoice and the necessary paperwork. There is no need to do any ‘manual’ paperwork, as the quotes, templates and invoice system is all housed in this CRM.


Technology for marketing

Partners are also able to leverage this sophisticated technology to boost their marketing. Before and after photographs can be taken on the device and sent to the customer, which is a large part of repeat business. Asking,“does it still look as good as this?” helps franchisees who have come from trades or field technician backgrounds– accustomed to having high contact points with clients– streamline this process. 

Kleenit is enabling owners to “cultivate relationships with customers” and now, over half the business repeat. The business has worked extensively to “take away the things that frighten people” – like technology and administration – and replaced it with simple, efficient processes. Harnessing franchisees practical ‘on the job’ knowledge lets them focus on caring about the customer and this is attracting new clientele.

Increase earning capacity

The knock-on-effect for franchise partners operating in this royalty based system, is they increase their capacity to earn by being freed up to concentrate on working outdoors. The opportunity to diversify or specialise is a feature part of Kleenit and existing partners operate services such as resealing warehouse floors, painting safety lines, road marking, spraying concrete driveways and improving the general appearance of both commercial and residential buildings and surrounds.

Every franchisee has a slightly different practice and with many large contracts in place (including City of Port Phillip in Melbourne), franchise owners are generating a lot of work. The breadth and type of services offered provides plenty of income opportunities for prospective franchisees looking for variety. Especially in local areas. While there are limited territories available, Kleenit is looking for franchise partners who are keen to reach high earning potential and be a part of a stable franchise group who are set for even bigger growth in 2016.