After working in retail for someone else for 20+ years, Katy is now a multi-store owner

"To grow my first store was a bit of a dream. I always thought I'd be a retail salesperson on a shop floor working for someone else."

Katy never thought she would have a store of her own.

This is what a franchise can do

This is a wonderful story, and a fantastic example of what a franchise business model can do - even beyond the Bedshed brand in this case. It can take people from thinking they can’t or won’t be able to have their own business, to guiding them with proven systems and steps to follow to make it a reality.

About 10 years ago, Katy decided to take the leap and buy her own store - she now has two stores! And her husband, and son also work in the business, making it a real family affair. 

Advice in getting your own business

“I would say put 100% in. Your rewards are what you put in yourself. It is hard work initially, but there is a lot of benefit as well. You can choose the hours you want to work. You can choose if you need time off with the family.”

We reckon there are literally tens of thousands of people out there thinking exactly the same as Katy did, that she would never have her own store - well just look at her now!

The second store helps the first store

It took Katy 9.5 years from opening her first to her second store. 

“(I)...realised that having the second store would actually help benefit the first have a better buying power…(and) your cash tie up in one store is a lot, whereas when you distribute it out to the two stores, it makes life a lot easier.”

Watch Katy's story and be inspired :-)

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