Messy Bubs - a business providing multi-sensory messy play

Messy Bubs is an innovative business that brings families together for quality time over multi-sensory, messy play!

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Natalie craved more time with her kids

Natalie Hinchliffe, Director and Founder, started Messy Bubs while working full time and craving more time with her three sons. She wanted the chance to bring shared adventure and play not only to her own family but to other families.

She explained, "Messy Bubs is different from other providers as we cater for all age groups and create themed stations to keep babies and children entertained whilst they work on their fine motor skills and other developmental milestones. We also ensure that one of our stations is a craft station that is easy to follow and both child and parent/carer can make a special memento together. We promote quality time and provide the opportunity for parents/carers to spend that magical hour together."

Natalie has had great inspiration to get where she is today with both of her parents setting up successful businesses from scratch. Since, she has surrounded herself with go-getters, other strong business women, and she follows entrepreneurs like British business magnate and TV personality Alan Sugar.

Her success has been evident, with Messy Bubs becoming a finalist in the What's On 4 Kids Awards 2019.

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Growing into a franchise reality

Messy Bubs has grown rapidly over the last 2 years, mainly via word of mouth and Facebook and clearly for Natalie, this is the tip of the ice berg! Through franchising, Natalie is taking the venture Australia wide, with franchise opportunities  available for other like minded people to help introduce sensory play to Australian families. Messy Bubs is also looking to expand to include children with special needs and educational programs within preschools and daycare centres.

Ideally, it's a business for a parent who is searching for work life balance. It is a low cost business to set up, and provides the opportunity to spend more time with family and meet new people. Franchisees are provided a business kit to launch, along with training and support, as well as the chance to be part of an initiative aimed to improve the lives of families Australia wide. 

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And Natalie's advice to anyone with an idea and passion to match?

"I advise anyone to go for it if you have an idea. If you have found something you believe in and love, just do it! Life is very short and sometimes you've just got to take the chance."

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