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I saw a post on LinkedIn recently about getting cash to aged care residents, and it never previously occurred to me as an issue.

I know many older Australian’s are more comfortable with cash in their lives. Equally they are just as uncomfortable with online banking and many would not even have an online banking account. This is a convenience the rest of us take for granted.

With the advice to stay at home in this isolation period, going out to the bank to withdraw cash is not an option for many. I love that two franchise owners of ATM2Go in Brisbane responded to this need to service this sector of the community.

This is a wonderful example of a franchise company being ready and able in their business model to give practical help in this crisis. 

I love it.

Keeping Cash In The Hands Of People In Assisted Living Atm2 Go Franchise Buyer

Cash in residents' hands

Willow House, an aged care residence in Brisbane, initially contacted ATM2GO to provide a fixed ATM for the residents to use. The franchisees in the Brisbane North region, Jeff and Jodie, came up with the idea of bringing a mobile ATM for the residents to use.

"ATM2GO simply pull up on the street outside and within 10 minutes, everyone is lined up to use the ATM machines that are located on the back of their trailer," said Anne Rentoul, Director of Willow House.

"They observed strict hygiene practices, wiping down the machines after every use and they also observed social distancing rules. It is a win-win situation for everyone."

Franchisee Jodie remarked, "Apparently the residents here had been asking since 7am when the ATM would be coming!".

Another business reacting to fill a need in the community during the crisis. Well done ATM2Go.

You can contact ATM2GO on 1300 286 246.

Atm2 Go Keeping Cash In The Hands Of People In Assisted Living Franchise Buyer