Our franchisor makes sure we are totally involved in every decision that affects us.

This approach by Bedshed is not the norm. The lengths the company goes to, to ensuring their franchise partners play a key role in all important decisions is eye-opening.

Sandra started out in bedding retail as a 16 year old.

And in 2002 with all that experience behind her, she purchased two Bedshed stores in Victoria.

"The beauty about the business is one day you can be setting up the displays...re-ticketing the store...the diversity of the business is what keeps you interested."

When she thinks about the whole company, including head office, "We are really like a family, everybody works together."

One thing really stood out with Sandra in her view of the business. "One of the strengths of Bedshed is that you're actually not being told what to do, you're actually able to be in the decision making of where the company is going."

The Merchandise Advisory Council (MAC)

It's clear that a key contributor to this feeling is borne out of Sandra's involvement with the Merchandise Advisory Council (MAC). It's another thing setting Bedshed apart. 

A core group of elected franchise partners gather several times a year and communicate regularly making key decisions as a key channel of advice and feedback to Bedshed HQ. It also involves overseas travel a number of times a year as part of the buying group researching, assessing and selecting products for the business.

Truly a collaborative approach!

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