Helping kids to succeed while growing a leveraged business at the same time

Growing the Tutor2You business to prove the model BEFORE a franchise opportunity offering.

"We help students build confidence, gain motivation and improve results with one-on-one in-home tutoring." says Scott Fell, CEO and Founder of Tutor2You.

After being a struggling student at uni to start with, Scott turned this around when he changed his mindset after learning 'how to study and how to learn'. "What I realised was that there was a gap in the market where that need and that demand wasn't really being met."

"So we slowly built out a business model that really assists students with learning how to learn. More focusing on the how than the what, but that only comes with a balance of knowledge, motivation and confidence, which is why we focus on the one-on-one in home tutoring because that mentor relationship is really, really important."

Scott believes his diagnostic assessments have really underpinned their growth in recent years, giving the ability to spot and pinpoint knowledge gaps in students that they can then 'back fill' in tutoring. 

And secondly, their customer service levels from franchisees he sees as second to none in their relationship with clients and tutors is making the difference.